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Tame those wires

Září 21st, 2011

Last weekend, the missus and I popped over to the Ikea store in Edmonton, London, for our quarterly session of look-at-many-things-but-buy-only-cheap-things therapy.
This massive hipster heaven on earth is some distance from home—it requires changing two trains and a bus. But can anything come close to that feeling of awe when you go up that first escalator from ground level and walk into football fields full of minimal Scandinavian design and thoughtfully put together faux living rooms and fake dining rooms? Sigh! I don’t know about you, but for me, Ikea doth make the heart groweth fonder.
One of the things I really like about Ikea is that many of their products have been made keeping the tech geek in mind. This might not seem immediately obvious amid all the soft furnishings and ceramic bowls. But look, for instance, at the fabric remote control storage thing they have that drapes [...]

PHOENIX (AP) - An 86-year-old Arizona man had just finished trimming plants in his backyard when he fell face-first into his pruning shears, sending one of the handles through his right eye socket and halfway into his head.
Unsure what had happened, Leroy Luetscher reached up and felt the shears jutting from his face. He was covered in blood and in more pain than he’d ever felt in his life.
“I didn’t know if my eyeball was still there or what,” Luetscher told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “The pain was so bad that I guess I wasn’t afraid to die.”
Luetscher managed to put his T-shirt over the wound to stanch the bleeding. He said the excruciating pain is what kept him conscious and able to walk to the laundry room of his house to beckon his longtime live-in girlfriend, who called 911.
Luetscher, a Wisconsin native who now lives in southern Arizona’s [...]

Now, decide WHAT you want to paint. Very important…you do NOT need to know how to draw. Thats the great thing about painting, you can create even if youve never had a lesson. Dont get me wrong, art school is great. But dont let the lack thereof deter you from creating. You do not have to have a teacher to tell you how to create. You do need to know a few basic techniques, but from there let your imagination fly! When deciding what to paint, go to some websites about artists or Google famous artists to get inspired. Again, do not let a lack of training deter you from van gogh sunflowers! Many of the great artists of the past had no training either.
Many cant draw stick figures, but they can paint because the colors give you amazing options [...]