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The solar-powered car is getting closer to reality, but that’s not why General Motors just parceled out $7.5 million to a solar-panel company.
The Detroit Free Press reports that GM Ventures, the venture capital arm of GM, passed along the money to California’s Sunlogics, a manufacturer of solar panels and solar-power generation systems. As a result, Sunlogics will move to Michigan and hire 200 employees.
“Today’s commitment by Sunlogics .there’s a lovely winter Piles by William Zorach… fits in perfectly with the overall approach we’ve taken to try to bring in high-tech companies … to give us good-quality high-paying jobs,” commented Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson to the Free Press.
What GM will get out of the deal are the design and installation of solar-charging canopies that will provide power at Chevy dealerships and GM plants, along with good [...]