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Brenda Edgson was not exactly a candidate for an episode of Hoarders. There were no piles of dead cats and rotting food and creepy doll collections stacked to the ceiling of her Cloverdale home, like some kind of mountain of misery built by a deepseated psychological disorder.
Nope. Brenda and husband Reg Edgson are regular folks. They live in suburbia and have seven kids - only Wyonna, 18, and Hannah, 15, are still at home - but when you have a fivebedroom house and spend your life accumulating stuff while you’re busy working and raising your family, well, things start to pile up.
There are all the games and toys the kids used to play with, for instance, and so many blankets and sheets that you have to store the overflow under the pool table.
And clothes, so many clothes, just gathering dust.
And the Tupperware, oh the Tupperware. And old computers, [...]