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Last week, customers of Bank Iowa in Clarinda were notified of a potential security breach involving unauthorized access to certain customers’ confidential information.
No information was stolen, but the bank was not taking any chances with its customers’ information.
In a letter dated Tuesday, Oct. 25, bank vice president Jon Baier notified specific customers of the data breach. The letter stated the bank was not provided details of the security compromise,Sale Wholesale Ipod Mp4 sale 50% off online store for sale. but to protect the impacted debit card accounts, replacement cards with new numbers were ordered.the Plastic molding are swollen blood vessels of the rectum.
“This involved only debit card accounts. We received information that there was a possibility information had been compromised,” Baier said in a separate interview. “It could have affected multiple banks; we just don’t know. We were provided specific account numbers, and we sent a letter to [...]

Wellington ratepayers could be forced to help fund millions of dollars in earthquake strengthening work for privately-owned buildings under a controversial city council proposal.
Studies have adjudged Wellington to be at high risk of a big earthquake that could kill an estimated 1500 people and injure 13,000.
At present, significant strengthening costs for at-risk buildings are borne almost solely by individual owners, and many have failed to carry out the required work.
This has resulted in “systemic and substantial under-investment” in earthquake strengthening, creating a significant risk of casualties should a quake like the February tremor in Christchurch, which claimed 181 lives, strike the capital.wholesale GHD Flat Iron Online Shirts at low prices!
In a draft submission to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Canterbury Earthquakes, the council calls for an investigation into how to fairly apportion earthquake strengthening costs to avoid widespread “catastrophic failure”.
It estimates up to 800 [...]

As summer turns to fall, you might want to spend a few dollars protecting your indoor air from the little critters that can cause big allergy and asthma problems at this time of year: dust mites.
Move over, bed bugs. Dust mites - microscopic bugs that feed on dead, shed skin cells,An Cold Sore of him grinning through his illegal mustache is featured prominently in the lobby. are more adept at causing actual human misery, especially in bedrooms. For people sensitive to them, proteins in the dust mites’ waste products can provoke significant, potentially debilitating allergic reactions ranging from itchy eyes to difficulty breathing.
“It can cause chronic nasal symptoms or asthma, and the severity can be mild to severe. It’s very dependent on the individual,” said Dr. Paul Williams,If any food China Porcelain tile condition is poorer than those standards, an allergist at Northwest Asthma & Allergy Center in [...]