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Valley painter shows world’s beauty,Flossie was one of a group of four chickens in a RUBBER MATS . damage in landscapes
Clara Woods makes things more clear and fixes what is damaged. She does art restoration, touching up aged pieces by artists including Charles Russell or contemporary artist’s work that has been torn during transport.
With her own art, she tries to clearly illustrate her view of the world’s beautiful parts as well as its damaged parts. She touches upon religion, poetry and memories depicted figuratively or in landscapes. There is depth in her work; hidden meanings felt but somehow just out of reach. Even the artist isn’t quite sure where the images come from. “They just come out,” she said. “I create art because I have to. It leaves me no choice.Whilst oil paintings for sale are not deadly,”
Her “must haves” for restoration are cotton balls, a liquid mixture of her [...]

When Shore Lanes manager Cindy Mazon walked through the parking lot Tuesday afternoon, she could smell something was wrong.
“Usually when you walk outside, you can smell hamburgers or wings cooking,” Mazon said about the bowling alley.
But this was a smell of something not on the menu.
“I looked back and saw smoke coming from the roof,” Mazon said.
At the same time,he believes the fire started after the lift’s RUBBER SHEET blew, the fire alarm system was activated about 2 p.m. inside the business at 600 N. Courtenay Parkway.
According to staff, there were about 35 people inside when the fire started, including 20 in a special needs group, who evacuated the building without incident.
“It was impressive that (special needs) workers could get them out of there so calmly, I was really impressed,” Mazon said.
Damage from the fire was limited due to the actions of the bowling center staff, the [...]