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The company unveiled a $10 million expansion of its Bothell factory Wednesday that doubles its capacity and takes that strategy to a new level.
It was already the largest biotech drug factory in Washington state and the supplier of at least a dozen drugs for clinical trials by companies from Europe to Japan and Brazil. Now the CMC plant can make drugs in commercial quantities as well.
The expansion will add 20 people to its local staff of about 180, and another 15 hires are expected in 2012, said Gustavo Mahler, CMC’s global chief operations officer. Its first commercial-scale product, announced this week, is expected to be an intravenous drug for hemophilia B, made for Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals of California.
Further expansion could begin next year, said Andy Walker, CMC’s senior director for manufacturing.
It’s a fairly happy outcome for a plant that was all but surplus when the company that built it — [...]