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A two-tiered gravel driveway off Clinton Avenue in Westport leads to a vintage colonial house and a bit of U.S. architectural history. The house that sits on a nearly two-acre property at 82 Clinton Ave. was designed by Minerva Parker Nichols, one of the country’s first women architects, who also lived there for a time.
Nichols, the first woman to establish a successful American architectural practice in the late 19th century, on her own with no male partnership, designed this house for her daughter Adelaide Nichols Baker and her daughter’s husband John Baker, according to Bob Weingarten, House History Chair of the Westport Historical Society.
Weingarten combed through town records and found that the Bakers purchased the property in November 1924. The house was built in 1925. Weingarten said records also show the property was transferred to “Minerva Nichols” in August 1930 and she apparently lived there until her death in [...]

Secret Benefits And Drawbacks

Září 16th, 2011

I’m amazed by how much “misinformation” is out there when it comes to the subject of credit cards. Recently, someone online told me the financial collapse was caused by credit card lending — a stance that approximately no respected economists would agree with, yet this is a popular line among those who villainize plastic. If anything, a healthy amount of credit in a society promotes economic growth, consumer confidence, and spending.
Love using your debit card or wads of cash to pay for everything? Fine. Fantastic, actually. I’m not trying to convert you here. This is merely a reality check for people who would have you believe that credit cards offer no tangible benefits. (I’ve also listed the major drawbacks of credit cards, as I see them.)
Responsible credit card usage is one of the major ways to boost your credit over time. This means paying your bills on time, [...]

Would you like to learn to make art, or improve the art you do now? Did you ever wonder how the hilarious movies of Wallace and Gromit were created? Are you crazy for Japanese manga and anime comics? Would you like to learn how to oil paint, draw, or zing up your watercolors? Hey! We are an art center and we’ve got art!
The Wassenberg Art Center is now taking registrations for several new classes, listed below.
“Drawing in Your Right Mind,” a class for adults taught by Pat Rayman, will be presented on Tuesday evenings in September. This unique drawing class will help you train the right side of your brain, where artistic skills originate, and show you how to improve your drawing with observation and practice.
“Landscape Oil Painting with Sally Geething” for ages 10 to adult, will be held in late September and early October. You can choose between [...]

It’s amazing

Srpen 9th, 2011

Lillard described the turnout as “amazing,” stating that hundreds of people had already attended the festival by mid-afternoon.Traditional kidney stone claim to clean all the air in a room. Part of the event’s purpose was to let people enjoy the experience of how art is made in an interesting and creative way.
“We were looking for something that would really engage everybody in learning about how art is created and also to give another way for kids to just to come out and create something,” Lillard said. “Really, for a first-year event, we are really pretty blown away.”
Among the artists invited to attend the festival was David Heatwole, of Martinsburg, who normally works in acrylic and oil painting. He is best known for a mural of Vincent Van Gogh made out of bottle caps that was displayed in Martinsburg.
“It’s harder than it looks,” Heatwole, fingers sore to the bone, [...]