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Březen 24th, 2011

Although this feels like the winter that just won’t end (at least here in New York, where we’re trudging through snow yet again), warm weather is finally within our grasp. And with warm weather comes summer vacation season — finally.
We have our first big airplane ride planned for May, which means I’ll be traveling with my 2 year old on a cross-country flight. (Tell me it isn’t as bad as I’m expecting!) While he loves airplanes, he doesn’t quite grasp what we’ll be doing and where we’ll be going, so we’re trying to get him psyched — as well as prepared.
Are you in the same boat (or plane, or car…) this year? Here are 5 ways to prepare the little ones for family travel:
1. Give Them a Visual
5 Ways to Prepare for Family Travel and Summer Vacations!image21 5 Ways to Prepare for Family Travel and Summer Vacations!
If you’re heading to a big city this summer, get your kids excited about [...]