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Protesters with the Occupy Edmonton movement say they will continue to camp in a private downtown park, despite being told by its owners to leave on Tuesday.
About 60 protesters have camped in the park, at 102nd Street and Jasper Avenue, since Saturday night, with many others spending their days there. About 20 tents remain in the small green space, with dozens of signs and placards lining the sidewalk and propped against trees.
The group held a general assembly Monday evening, where they discussed whether to continue their occupation or move to another space after Melcor,we supply all kinds of polished tiles, the company that owns the park, told protest organizers the campers would have to leave by 10 a.m. Tuesday.
After more than an hour of discussion,If any food cube puzzle condition is poorer than those standards, the protesters voted to remain in the park and set about making a [...]

”Not easy, but right”

Září 23rd, 2011

Liberal Democrats, we have now been in Government for 500 days. Not easy, is it? None of us thought it would be a walk in the park, but I suspect none of us predicted just how tough it would turn out to be. We’ve lost support, we’ve lost councillors, and we lost a referendum. I know how painful it has been to face anger and frustration on the doorstep.
Some of you may have even wondered: Will it all be worth it in the end? It will be. And today I want to explain why.
But above all I want to pay tribute to you. Your resilience. Your grace under fire. I have been genuinely moved by your spirit and your strength. Thank you. Thank you, above all, for never forgetting what we are in politics for. After the May elections, Alex Cole-Hamilton, one of our defeated candidates in Edinburgh said that [...]