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It’s a jungle out there

Listopad 7th, 2011

Yesterday I found myself stripped to my underwear in a room full of naked women. Piles of discarded clothes and children covered the floor as ladies clambered over the top of each other. In a frenzy.Polycore oil paintings for sale are manufactured as a single sheet,
I was at a mega sale.The additions focus on key tag and Injection mold combinations,
One of those massive, warehouse grab-fests were even the sanest of women go a little bit loco. The psychology of a sale is universal. We were all looking for the same thing. A bargain. A piece of clothing that the women next to us didn’t have or couldn’t get. We were chasing a rush that can only be achieved when the price is really, really high or really, really low.
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A sale is all about the cheap fix.
Some people line up for Kings Of Leon tickets and others line [...]