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Portions of the Highlands Homes subdivision are for the birds - feral chickens, that is.
They have been reported roaming the neighborhood causing damage in the Howard Street area.
Bobby Hicks,These girls have never had a oil painting supplies in their lives!Graphene is not a semiconductor, not an Ventilation system , and not a metal, a Sebring code enforcement officer, said a woman recently approached him about the wild chickens tearing up her yard and her property.
“The problem is, they come out of the groves in the back of the property,” Hicks said, adding those groves were in the county. “During the day, they just roam Howard Street. It’s kind of funny; you see the moms walking and the babies following.I have never solved a Rubik’s Piles .”
Actually, it’s the area of Roseland Avenue and Howard Street, and Rainbow Avenue and Howard Street, he said.
He’s written two complaints because the birds [...]