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Men, steer clear of shorts

Březen 30th, 2011

It was the great American philosopher Master Bartholomew Simpson who announced, in the late 20th Century, that we could eat his shorts. Such a startling pronouncement should have placed these garments on the sartorial scrap heap, yet for years since men have been spotted in board shorts, ‘baggies’, and worst of all, ‘budgie smugglers‘.
But all out war has now been declared on the cut off trouser. Tom Ford, a man so stylish he makes Yves Saint Laurent look like Rab C Nesbitt, has announced that men should never, ever wear shorts or flip-flops in a city. “Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach,” said the former head of Gucci.
This will not have pleased the blokes who broke out their shorts at the slighest glimmer of Spring sunshine over the weekend. On fashion forums men have raged at Mr Ford, asking what, exactly, they are supposed to wear when the mercury rises and the public [...]