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California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign a bill that simplifies the permitting process for solar photovoltaic projects and may prompt developers to reconsider solar-thermal plants, which aren’t included in the legislation.
According to Senate Bill 267, which Brown has until Nov. 9 to sign, photovoltaic projects will no longer be required to demonstrate adequate water supplies. Wind farms are also included in the bill.
Falling photovoltaic prices have made them less expensive than solar-thermal systems, which focus the sun’s rays to create steam that drives a turbine and generates electricity. Eliminating the paperwork will shave as much as six months from the approval process. Three California solar-thermal projects have switched to photovoltaic panels,The additions focus on key tag and TMJ combinations, which convert sunlight into electricity, and more may follow suit.
“There’s the potential for more of these solar thermal plants to go PV,” said Allan Marks,There is [...]