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Conversing With Nature

Říjen 13th, 2011

A realist painter with a unique vision, Kay has exhibited in major art capitals of Europe and the United States, but over the last two decades has made Australia home, with exhibitions around the country.Replacement China Porcelain tile and bulbs for Canada and Worldwide.
Her last exhibition in Sydney, titled Waterways, took place in 2009, also at the Wilson Street Gallery.
Living in the upper regions of the beautiful Hunter Valley, Kay draws inspiration from her immediate natural surroundings. Using natural objects of twigs, clusters of grass, puddles, and branches, many of her artworks focus on the effects and changes on objects caused by the passage of time.
Kay said that her recent project Circularity was inspired by a trip to the desert surrounding Alice Springs.
“In the desert when you stand there and everything is still … [it] sort of looks ageless, but at the same time, I started noticing that as [...]

A little over 18 years ago, my wife Ellie and I wedged our newborn daughter Emily into her Evenflo car seat with the padded roll in it to keep her head from lolling to the side, and drove her home from the hospital. During the drive, I played Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” in the car’s CD player. Emily slept, but Ellie and I bawled the whole way home. It was a brutal ride.
Three years later when we drove our son Will home from the hospital, I played “What a Wonderful World” again. It seemed appropriate. After all, I didn’t want to be accused of not treating him the same as Emily. Plus, I figured all our crying on the way home from hospitals might convince Ellie we should stop at two kids.
A few days ago, Ellie and I again wedged Emily into our minivan, this time with suitcases [...]

Wichita Falls artist Betsy Edwards returns to the Bellaford Art Gallery on Wednesday by popular demand.
Her whimsical abstract oil paintings glow with rainbow colors and invite visitors to view them with their imaginations.
The artist explained that her paintings originate from a combination of her observation and imagination.
“If I’m looking at a flower, I see a plant that is not what the typical person would see,” Edwards said.
She always paints from nature or maybe a recollection of things past.
“Sometimes I paint from a memory of something I have in my mind,” she said. “Art comes from within, not conscious, but it comes naturally from the way I see things. When someone is struggling, trying to figure out what I painted, I say, ‘What do you want it to be?’
Edwards prefers contemporary paintings in which the artist does not attempt to reproduce a subject exactly as it is.
“Now artists paint for their [...]