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Rocking the LA Guitar Festival

Červen 30th, 2011

Surf music may be enjoyed all year long, of course, but some may say it truly belongs to the season of long days and relaxing waves. Still others would look to holiday weekends within that season, and claim it is nearly mandatory to put on some twangy, beach-ready tunes to get in the mood.
That mood-getting-in is about to get lots easier, when none other than the doyen of the surf guitar rocks the 2011 Los Angeles Guitar Festival. Dick Dale will be playing the Redondo Beach event, as will other greats like Tommy Emmanuel, Jimmie Vaughan, Lawrence Juber and Bruce Forman. The dates are Friday, July 1 and Saturday, July 2 (note that Mr. Dale performs on July 3).
The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center is not beach-adjacent, as you may know, but we’re betting you’ll pack your board shorts for some sand time before the show. Because the water isn’t far.
Several other masters of the guitarly arts will be rocking, [...]

Here in the tropics

Březen 2nd, 2011

At its annual meeting in October on the Gold Coast, Billabong forecast full-year net profit growth of 2-8 per cent, but in December it downgraded that to a flat outlook, and yesterday it said that remained unchanged.
Billabong management stresses that the company is in a “year of transition”, as it will take that long to fully integrate the acquisitions it made last year, with the number of its retail outlets rising from 380 to 630.
“This took about a year, as I was not only testing materials for the shorts and the waistband, but also testing designs and prototypes,” he said. “Parallel to this, we were developing a company logo, positioning and website content — and I was doing all this at night, after my day job was over. It’s been worth it though and a great learning experience. The best part is now that we are launched, we are seeing results, with sales as far away as Finland.”
Howison decided to [...]