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Solar panels, microturbines and geothermal pipes, oh my. A myriad of renewable energy solutions were put on the table at Thursday’s special board of education meeting where it heard proposals from six energy companies for just about four hours.
Honeywell, Ameresco and Johnson Controls were just a few of the companies that responded to the request for quotations that the board put out in order to gauge its various options for bringing renewable energy, and ultimately significant energy savings, into the district.
“We got a lot of information about a lot of different ways of financing [the proposed project],” Board President Stephen Altamuro said after the meeting.
While solar panels were one of the main staples of each company’s proposal, they were able to bring a few different alternatives to the board’s attention as well. This included geothermal heating and microturbines.he led PayPal to open its platform to Wholesale pet supplies [...]