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Secret Benefits And Drawbacks

Září 16th, 2011

I’m amazed by how much “misinformation” is out there when it comes to the subject of credit cards. Recently, someone online told me the financial collapse was caused by credit card lending — a stance that approximately no respected economists would agree with, yet this is a popular line among those who villainize plastic. If anything, a healthy amount of credit in a society promotes economic growth, consumer confidence, and spending.
Love using your debit card or wads of cash to pay for everything? Fine. Fantastic, actually. I’m not trying to convert you here. This is merely a reality check for people who would have you believe that credit cards offer no tangible benefits. (I’ve also listed the major drawbacks of credit cards, as I see them.)
Responsible credit card usage is one of the major ways to boost your credit over time. This means paying your bills on time, [...]