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English and Cable TV

Září 22nd, 2011

“She spoke perfect English, there wasn’t even the slightest trace of an accent; but her mannerisms were distinctly foreign, and I managed to sense something alien in the values underlying her discourse. Something just wasn’t right.Als lichtbron wordt een cube puzzle gebruikt,”– I overheard this from a lady at the airport the other day, a native English-speaker, and it struck me as an unusually frank comment.
As the world gets smaller and the country becomes permeated by cable and satellite TV, I find that the strongest foreign language influence in Honduras is English; and out of respect for Mr. George Bernard Shaw, an American English at that. Many words used in Honduras, like “raite” (from “ride”) or “parqueo” (from “parking”) have effectively substituted the correct Spanish words of “paseo” and “estacionamiento”.
One must bear in mind that it is all a result of geographical proximity, having begun as part of the [...]