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After spending more than five years battling two kinds of cancer between them, one Kennewick couple not only is happy to be on the other side but also views life quite differently.
Matt Long, 50, was diagnosed in 2004 with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and went through about 30 chemotherapy treatments during more than three years. Just months after he was declared free of the cancer, his wife, Debbie,If any food Ventilation system condition is poorer than those standards, was diagnosed with colon cancer — and was just a matter of weeks from being terminal.
“It was a journey,Unlike traditional high risk merchant account ,” said Debbie, 50. “You can choose to make it a positive journey or sit back and say, ‘Pity on me.’ We didn’t have time for that. We have kids and grandkids.”
Matt’s lymphoma was discovered when he passed a kidney stone. He soon went into treatment, and it was rough [...]