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A two-tiered gravel driveway off Clinton Avenue in Westport leads to a vintage colonial house and a bit of U.S. architectural history. The house that sits on a nearly two-acre property at 82 Clinton Ave. was designed by Minerva Parker Nichols, one of the country’s first women architects, who also lived there for a time.
Nichols, the first woman to establish a successful American architectural practice in the late 19th century, on her own with no male partnership, designed this house for her daughter Adelaide Nichols Baker and her daughter’s husband John Baker, according to Bob Weingarten, House History Chair of the Westport Historical Society.
Weingarten combed through town records and found that the Bakers purchased the property in November 1924. The house was built in 1925. Weingarten said records also show the property was transferred to “Minerva Nichols” in August 1930 and she apparently lived there until her death in [...]

It’s August 2011, and Andrew Mason is agitated.
He’s at his desk in the middle of Groupon’s wide open, call center-style office in Chicago. His headphones are on. His brow is furrowed.who was responsible for tracking down Charles syringe needle .
His company had been the darling of the business press for the past two years. Suddenly it’s not.
He can’t hang on to a COO. The SEC is asking questions. Industry executives are calling him a ponzi schemer.Replacement landscape oil paintings and bulbs for Canada and Worldwide. Early employees are demanding six-figure pay for 9 to 5 hours. One even filed a lawsuit. Merchant customers are screaming. And Mason and his board, having helped themselves to $900 million of cash that could have gone to the company, are are now being blasted for incompetence and greed.
What a turnabout from a few months earlier, when Groupon was the talk of Wall Street. Then, [...]

Asian stocks swung between gains and losses after a report showed U.S. retail sales were better than forecast, boosting the outlook for exporters. QBE Insurance Group Ltd. (QBE) slumped after issuing a profit forecast.
Honda Motor Co., a carmaker that gets about 84 percent of sales outside Japan, climbed 1.3 percent in Tokyo, while rival advanced 1.2 percent. Billabong International Ltd., a surfwear maker that gets almost half its revenue from the Americas, gained 1.5 percent in Sydney. QBE Insurance dropped 3.5 percent after Australia’s largest insurer by market value forecast that its insurance margin in the first half will be lower than last year.
The MSCI Asia Pacific Index was little changed at 132.85 as of 11:30 a.m. in Tokyo, having swung between gains and losses at least 15 times. About the same number of stocks rose as fell on the gauge.
“Investors were pleased to see U.S. retail sales beat expectations, despite still being negative,” said Tim Schroeders, who helps manage [...]

A staple of the Canadian surf scene since his mid-teens, Raph Bruhwiler shoulders much of the responsibility for raising the Canadian professional surfing bar to where it is now. Raph has cemented himself as one of the hardest charging surfers in the cold water scene, gaining international acclaim for his style, his attitude, and interminable passion for surfing off our rugged coast.
In the third chapter of “The Northern Collective,” we talk with Raph about his rise from a small-town surf kid into a justifiable surf legend, his infatuation with big waves and his love for exploring the Canadian coastline. Photo: Jeremy Koreski.
How was it to be the first Canadian to get a major sponsor?
I forget who my first was. Shoot, I don’t want to get it wrong! I think it was O’Neill. It was just getting free gear, not a paycheque. That was…oh man, I don’t know when that was. I must’ve been 17 or 18. When you’re young like [...]

some cute summer bathing suits

Březen 24th, 2011

Although this feels like the winter that just won’t end (at least here in New York, where we’re trudging through snow yet again), warm weather is finally within our grasp. And with warm weather comes summer vacation season — finally.
We have our first big airplane ride planned for May, which means I’ll be traveling with my 2 year old on a cross-country flight. (Tell me it isn’t as bad as I’m expecting!) While he loves airplanes, he doesn’t quite grasp what we’ll be doing and where we’ll be going, so we’re trying to get him psyched — as well as prepared.
Are you in the same boat (or plane, or car…) this year? Here are 5 ways to prepare the little ones for family travel:
1. Give Them a Visual
5 Ways to Prepare for Family Travel and Summer Vacations!image21 5 Ways to Prepare for Family Travel and Summer Vacations!
If you’re heading to a big city this summer, get your kids excited about [...]

Here in the tropics

Březen 2nd, 2011

At its annual meeting in October on the Gold Coast, Billabong forecast full-year net profit growth of 2-8 per cent, but in December it downgraded that to a flat outlook, and yesterday it said that remained unchanged.
Billabong management stresses that the company is in a “year of transition”, as it will take that long to fully integrate the acquisitions it made last year, with the number of its retail outlets rising from 380 to 630.
“This took about a year, as I was not only testing materials for the shorts and the waistband, but also testing designs and prototypes,” he said. “Parallel to this, we were developing a company logo, positioning and website content — and I was doing all this at night, after my day job was over. It’s been worth it though and a great learning experience. The best part is now that we are launched, we are seeing results, with sales as far away as Finland.”
Howison decided to [...]

Surf’s Way Up for Women Going Pro as Wave
One of women’s professional surfing’s biggest events, the Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast of Australia, starts on Feb. 26 and goes through March 9. The winner of the event, part of the Association of Surfing Professionals Women’s World Tour, will take home $110,000, one of the highest prizes in professional women’s surfing.
The winner of the men’s event, The Quicksilver Pro, being held concurrently, will take home four times that amount at $425,000.
“The difference in winnings is really because of sponsorships, but having such big women’s events really does show our progress,” said filmmaker Heather Hudson of Santa Barbara, Calif.
Hudson, a life-long surfer herself, is executive producer of the 2009 documentary The Women and the Waves, which chronicles women in surfing.
Surfing dates to pre-historic Hawaii and Polynesia. Until missionaries came to the islands and banned surfing because of the mingling of the sexes, both men and women enjoyed the sport.
“One of the [...]

BILLABONG chief Derek O’Neill showed the dexterity of a champion surfer yesterday when he
pulled off a radical manoeuvre that boosted the company’s share price by as much as 12 per cent
despite an 18 per cent lower profit.
Billabong’s net profit for the six months to the end of December was $57.2 million, compared
with the $69.7m for the comparable period last year.
Among many problems Billabong is facing is the strong Australian dollar, which distorts its
overseas earnings. That is important because America accounts for about 40 per cent of its
business and Europe about 30 per cent.
In constant currency terms — without the distorting effect of the strong dollar — Billabong’s
profit is down 9.8 per cent.
This is where Mr O’Neill, who briefly surfed professionally before moving into retail, pulled
off the manoeuvre — a drop of 9.8 per cent in constant currency terms is towards the lower end
of December’s guidance for a net profit drop of 8-13 per cent.
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