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Take a hike

Srpen 9th, 2011

No other European city boasts such complete and spectacular walls. You can locate one of the entrances to these medieval marvels just inside the Pile Gate; ticket sales (60 kuna) take place from 8am-5pm. Hang on to your ticket, because you may be asked for it at several checkpoints along the way.These girls have never had a cube puzzle in their lives!
Climb the first of many stone stairways to reach fortifications that date back more than a millennium in places, and are protected by Unesco. Besides providing the ideal introduction to the city and hoisting you high above the terracotta roofs and even church steeples, the walls themselves are full of interest. They are punctuated by bastions and spiced up by cafes and bars, which may help to draw out your tour to a pleasurable two hours or more.
Lunch on the run
In such a touristy location, finding a reasonably [...]