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The Australian share market is expected to open around one per cent lower tomorrow after US stocks fell due to fresh concerns about the financial stability of the eurozone.
CommSec economist Craig James said Australian stocks would trade in line with the US in the absence of domestic leads.
“We are running into the end of the month, quarter and financial year so window dressing and profit taking is likely to be the order of the day as we get a bit closer towards June 30,” Mr James said.
“But in terms of Monday’s action, most likely we’ll be playing follow the leader with overseas markets, particularly in terms of Wall Street.”
US stocks fell hard on Friday as fresh concerns about eurozone financial stability, this time focusing on Italy, unnerved investors already rattled by the Greek debt crisis.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 115.42 points (0.96 per cent) to close at 11,934.58.
Mr James said the local bourse was likely to follow suit on [...]

A staple of the Canadian surf scene since his mid-teens, Raph Bruhwiler shoulders much of the responsibility for raising the Canadian professional surfing bar to where it is now. Raph has cemented himself as one of the hardest charging surfers in the cold water scene, gaining international acclaim for his style, his attitude, and interminable passion for surfing off our rugged coast.
In the third chapter of “The Northern Collective,” we talk with Raph about his rise from a small-town surf kid into a justifiable surf legend, his infatuation with big waves and his love for exploring the Canadian coastline. Photo: Jeremy Koreski.
How was it to be the first Canadian to get a major sponsor?
I forget who my first was. Shoot, I don’t want to get it wrong! I think it was O’Neill. It was just getting free gear, not a paycheque. That was…oh man, I don’t know when that was. I must’ve been 17 or 18. When you’re young like [...]

Trina Turk recently threw a cocktail party at her store in Los Angeles to celebrate the expanded availability of her Mr. Turk menswear collection — a jaunty, colorful collection of boldly patterned pieces (think zebra-print five-pocket trousers, linen safari jackets, and blazers and board shorts popping with pinks and tiger-leaf prints) that until now has been available primarily at her Palm Springs store and online.
Starting with the spring and summer 2011 collection, the full range of Mr. Turk can be bought off the rack at two additional boutiques — the one in Los Angeles at 8008 W. 3rd Street (if you don’t spot it right away, don’t despair — it’s merchandised in the back of the store) and the New York East Hampton store (which has traditionally stocked some of the menswear pieces).
Although I can’t see trying to squeeze myself into a pair of the rather truncated Jet Set trunks (a narrow strip of bathing suit that could double as [...]