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Develop for the Blue Ocean

Listopad 9th, 2011

My understanding of mobile app developers is that numbers matters. As a developer, always build for the platform with a big enough user base. There’s nothing wrong with that,your own Wholesale Wooden Style For Countertops is usually higher it makes pure business sense. There’ll be more potential users out there for you to test, market and sell your apps.
But numbers also means another problem for developers. Getting their apps enough exposure. Established platforms like the Android and Apple iOS has also drawn a large pool of developers to them, each churning out their own apps at superhuman rates. The Android Marketplace now boast about 250,000 apps while Apple has more than 350,000 apps in the app store (based on the Silicon Alley infographic for March 2011).
So should developers continue to build for saturated platforms or would moving to or developing for a less popular, but one with potential [...]