April Seering hasn’t bought a costume in years. And she doesn’t plan to purchase one any time soon.
“There’s no creativity in just going to the store and spending hard-earned money on something I could’ve made with more imagination and creativity,” she said.
This year Seering and her friend Karen Miller and their children are making their own costumes based on some of the characters from Alice in Wonderland.
“It really comes down to the cost, but, at the same time, I can get my child involved in helping make her costume,” Seering said.
And Seering’s five-year-old daughter Kendra isn’t complaining.
“I think this is fun,” she said. “And I get to spend time with my mom.”
Miller said by making her own costume she can put her own special touches on it.
“The hat we’re using for the Mad Hatter was my aunt’s hat,” Miller said. “I touched it up with some spray paint and jazzed it [...]

Its not typical for Merrimack’s school children to have a snow day on Halloween, but tomorrow, that’s just what’s going to happen.
An alert sent out by the police department shortly before 2 p.m. on Sunday announced schools would be closed in Merrimack on Monday, not because of the snow itself, but because of the damage Mother Nature left behind after blowing through here Saturday night and early Sunday.
As of 6:30, an outage map on Public Service of New Hampshire’s website indicated that 10,949 of Merrimack’s 11,172 customers were without power. That is 98 percent of the town.
Fire Chief Michael Currier, who serves as the town’s emergency management director, said this afternoon that people in town started losing power between 6 and 7 p.m. last night, if not a little earlier, and it’s looking like many people may be facing extended outages.It truly is one of our tallest and appears [...]

Wellington ratepayers could be forced to help fund millions of dollars in earthquake strengthening work for privately-owned buildings under a controversial city council proposal.
Studies have adjudged Wellington to be at high risk of a big earthquake that could kill an estimated 1500 people and injure 13,000.
At present, significant strengthening costs for at-risk buildings are borne almost solely by individual owners, and many have failed to carry out the required work.
This has resulted in “systemic and substantial under-investment” in earthquake strengthening, creating a significant risk of casualties should a quake like the February tremor in Christchurch, which claimed 181 lives, strike the capital.wholesale GHD Flat Iron Online Shirts at low prices!
In a draft submission to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Canterbury Earthquakes, the council calls for an investigation into how to fairly apportion earthquake strengthening costs to avoid widespread “catastrophic failure”.
It estimates up to 800 [...]