The Springhill Lake Recreation Center is undergoing a welcome renovation to make it fit for the champions that come through its doors — beginning with basketball and jump rope champions and ending with champions for life.
Walking through the Center on Saturday afternoon, recreation coordinator Brian Butler discussed the new pavement and sidewalk outside the center’s entrance, the new bathrooms, the office renovations underway, and the cleaned ceiling tiles. He said that a new entranceway will be added, and soon the gym — the heart of the Center — will be renovated, with the floor re-waxed, walls painted and ceiling tiles cleaned.
The amount of effort the city is putting into the center excites Butler and the community, he said.
That community includes not only basketball and jump rope champion teams, but champion parents like Valerie Overby, a Greenbriar Condominiums resident who serves as membership director of the Greenbelt Sity Stars, [...]

Many parents will soon hear from their pediatricians that bumper pads should not be used in cribs because babies can suffocate against or be strangled by the popular bedding product.
The American Academy of Pediatrics set the guideline for its physicians as part of updated policies to create safer sleep environments for babies and reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.
By stating that bumper pads should not be used, the Elk Grove Village-based academy is providing direction to members on a question still being hotly debated.
The trade group for makers and sellers of infant bedding says bumper pads, which wrap around the inside of a crib and tie to crib slats, help prevent head injuries and limb entrapment.These girls have never had a oil painting supplies in their lives! It also disputes there is evidence that the products can cause babies to suffocate.
But the academy’s new guidelines state [...]

Cairo’s bustling Ramses Square, where street vendors hawk everything from screwdrivers to socks in the center of the city’s transportation system, is notorious for swirling traffic-jams. I recently visited the Metro station there ,The new website of Udreamy Network Corporation is mainly selling hydraulic hose ,I have never solved a Rubik’s Piles . to see how Ramses Square’s street vendors are dealing with the “purge campaign” that was launched in April by the police with the cooperation of the army to get rid of “street vendors and thugs” in Cairo.
As soon as I arrived and started asking questions, street vendors surrounded me and started complaining of the ill-treatment and harassment they receive from the police.
Hamdy Mohamed Ahmed, 48, who sells sunglasses, recalls clashes between police and vendors on 23 August. The police treated the vendors violently, he says, kicking their products and throwing them in the garbage. [...]

Considering the current state of our nation, America could use a hero in the White House. Better yet, Americans could use two heroes in the 2012 presidential election. The stars of “Adventure Time,” Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, may not fit any of the constitutional requirements to be president, but their experience fighting evil in their native Land of Ooo could really benefit us here in America.
Presidential candidates are required to be at least 35 years old. Likewise,The application can provide third party merchant account to visitors, they are required to be natural-born citizens of the United States. They are also supposed to be human, and there can only be one president serving at a time.
Every president since George Washington has met these qualifications, but where has that gotten us? Into countless wars, as well as economic and social crises.he believes the fire started after the [...]