‘These are my people’

Říjen 12th, 2011

In 1981, Yosaif Cohain set out to tell the visual story of the Jewish people in their homeland celebrating Succot. He asked God to grant him 15 years for the massive undertaking. That plan didn’t quite pan out, as 30 years later Cohain’s project is still going strong. He continues nearly every year to spend the intermediate days of Succot photographing citizens from every corner and walk of life celebrating the holiday.
Cohain, a senior photography lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, has captured thousands of angles of the Jewish people; playful neighborhood children in Netivot in 1990, a proud mother in Gush Katif standing steadfast beside her family’s succa in 2004, soldiers on reserve duty – all with the backdrop of Succot.
As Cohain, a New York native who made aliya in 1971 with his family, walks me through his upcoming exhibition “Identity of a Nation,” which opens [...]

Columbus City Schools Superintendent Gene Harris is moving ahead with plans to put a tax increase on the ballot next year, but she stressed that the Board of Education would make the final call.
At a State of the District speech this evening,I have never solved a Rubik’s Piles . Harris said that the district is on target with its “four-year levy cycle,Replacement China Porcelain tile and bulbs for Canada and Worldwide.” and will end the 2012-13 school year with enough cash to cover expenses but not enough to carry the district through 2013-14 without cuts.
She said the district made a promise in 2008 to not return to the ballot until 2012, and “we are on track to keep that promise,” Harris said.
After the meeting, Harris confirmed that she has shared with a citizens committee that is studying school closures her plan to form a “millage committee” in January to discuss [...]

It may seem a bit last-week, but I’ve just spent the morning going over the photographs from last Thursday’s National Poetry Day Live event at the Royal Festival Hall, run by the Poetry Society with the Southbank Centre, and now in its third year. The pictures answered a question, even while they posed it: What does poetry look like?
Sound silly? I mean, I’m a poet,Replacement China Porcelain tile and bulbs for Canada and Worldwide. so I know what poetry looks like.I have never solved a Rubik’s Piles . It looks like a pub full of rather scruffy leather-jacketed blokes, or American guys in chinos, or the Poetry Café with a queue at the bar, or the Purcell Room with some visiting Lithuanian intellectuals. Sometimes, mostly in books, it even does look like a very serious man in a tweed jacket. It does look like lots of different things. [...]

There is no typical shoot for the Food Network program “Restaurant Impossible.”
Each struggling restaurant the program remakes in 48 hours on a $10,000 budget poses its own set of challenges.
Monday, the television show,Replacement China Porcelain tile and bulbs for Canada and Worldwide. including celebrity chef host Robert Irvine, invaded Hoffman’s Bistro and Patisserie in downtown Santa Cruz. Along with Irvine, designers and a construction crew worked around the clock to revamp the restaurant’s decor, menu and service.
Tuesday night, the restaurant reopened more than two hours behind schedule. When Irvine finally emerged at 9 p.m. the patient crowd waiting to dine cheered and snapped photos.
“This was the biggest and toughest job we’ve ever done,” the chef said. “I think there is blood on everything.”
Even after opening, the renovation was kept under wraps with plastic covering the windows. However, it was clear that the gold paint still on the facade [...]