VERO BEACH — Vero Beach-based Diossy Brothers LLC have launched a new apparel line available exclusively online and soon to be made available to retailers.
The Diossy men’s apparel line combines designs screen printed on T-shirts. Later this spring, the first women’s line will be launched, highlighting a series of floral and mythological works including mermaids and seahorses.
Co-founder Steve Diossy said future offerings will include board shorts, hats, long-sleeve T’s, polo shirts and more.
Hopkins, 40, looked equally as delightful in a pair of flower-patterned dark blue board shorts.
They were also reportedly spotted by onlookers holding hands after the cameras stopped rolling on set.
The pair have been swamped with rumours that they are in a relationship for a while.
But with shooting on their hit ABC sitcom reportedly wrapped for the season, this time together is certainly a holiday and not just together for work.

Men, steer clear of shorts

Březen 30th, 2011

It was the great American philosopher Master Bartholomew Simpson who announced, in the late 20th Century, that we could eat his shorts. Such a startling pronouncement should have placed these garments on the sartorial scrap heap, yet for years since men have been spotted in board shorts, ‘baggies’, and worst of all, ‘budgie smugglers‘.
But all out war has now been declared on the cut off trouser. Tom Ford, a man so stylish he makes Yves Saint Laurent look like Rab C Nesbitt, has announced that men should never, ever wear shorts or flip-flops in a city. “Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach,” said the former head of Gucci.
This will not have pleased the blokes who broke out their shorts at the slighest glimmer of Spring sunshine over the weekend. On fashion forums men have raged at Mr Ford, asking what, exactly, they are supposed to wear when the mercury rises and the public [...]

Two women were attacked after the Sets on the Beach music festival last night.
A police spokeswoman said the women were at Scarborough Beach about 8pm when they were assaulted by a man and two women.
One of the victims had her handbag, purse and cash stolen.
The offenders are described as 17-30 years old with dark skin.
The man was about 157cm tall, heavily overweight and wearing a dark top and green/grey board shorts.
Fittingly, the owner of Beef Palace in Huntington Beach took home the crown for Mr. Huntington Beach.
Calvin Free looked stunned when his name was announced as winner of the tongue-in-cheek pageant held Friday night at the Old World Festival Hall. The pageant raises money for the Miss Huntington Beach Scholarship pageant as well as charities of the five contestants’ choice.

some cute summer bathing suits

Březen 24th, 2011

Although this feels like the winter that just won’t end (at least here in New York, where we’re trudging through snow yet again), warm weather is finally within our grasp. And with warm weather comes summer vacation season — finally.
We have our first big airplane ride planned for May, which means I’ll be traveling with my 2 year old on a cross-country flight. (Tell me it isn’t as bad as I’m expecting!) While he loves airplanes, he doesn’t quite grasp what we’ll be doing and where we’ll be going, so we’re trying to get him psyched — as well as prepared.
Are you in the same boat (or plane, or car…) this year? Here are 5 ways to prepare the little ones for family travel:
1. Give Them a Visual
5 Ways to Prepare for Family Travel and Summer Vacations!image21 5 Ways to Prepare for Family Travel and Summer Vacations!
If you’re heading to a big city this summer, get your kids excited about [...]

Trina Turk recently threw a cocktail party at her store in Los Angeles to celebrate the expanded availability of her Mr. Turk menswear collection — a jaunty, colorful collection of boldly patterned pieces (think zebra-print five-pocket trousers, linen safari jackets, and blazers and board shorts popping with pinks and tiger-leaf prints) that until now has been available primarily at her Palm Springs store and online.
Starting with the spring and summer 2011 collection, the full range of Mr. Turk can be bought off the rack at two additional boutiques — the one in Los Angeles at 8008 W. 3rd Street (if you don’t spot it right away, don’t despair — it’s merchandised in the back of the store) and the New York East Hampton store (which has traditionally stocked some of the menswear pieces).
Although I can’t see trying to squeeze myself into a pair of the rather truncated Jet Set trunks (a narrow strip of bathing suit that could double as [...]

A 2005 Midland High School graduate, Jake Howison, recently launched Helo LLC, a performance apparel company focused on meeting the needs of specialty markets, such as boardshort undergarments.
“The idea came to me when I was wake-boarding with a group of friends, and the guys were talking about not having anything comfortable and fast-drying to wear under their boardshorts,” Howison said. “I looked at it as an opportunity to introduce a solution that met athletic needs for performance — including durability, breathability and comfort, while also offering style and sustainability too.”
Howison, who holds a marketing degree from Michigan State University, first conducted market research and focus groups to verify demand for a new solution. “Compression shorts are too tight, and other options are too loose and take too much time to dry,” he said. “The door was open for me to introduce the premier undershort for boardshorts.”
He formed Helo LLC, prepared a marketing plan and began a search for quick-drying materials [...]

About your board …

Březen 14th, 2011

“I just don’t feel right if I know there’s not somebody out there making a surfboard for me,” Sam George once said, trying to justify a new board he’d just ordered.
“We don’t have to be confined by anything, we can ride whatever we wants,” says Hydrodynamica’s Richard Kenvin, who occassionally contributes to this site and is featured in the above clip.
Both high-minded riders are spot on. There are few things in this world better than ordering and receiving new, hand crafted surfboards. Smooth, gleaming, maybe still gassing, a new board under arm is one of those things that only a surfer — and shaper — revels in. And it was with this in mind that several years ago Cardiff’s Scott Bass decided to host a surfboard show at the Del Mar fairgrounds. Not a show for boardshorts and bros, a show just for surfboards, something to celebrate the “Sacred Craft,” as he dubbed his show.
“When you boil it right down, [...]

The Frugal Family

Březen 10th, 2011

Stock up on grocery essentials this week and beat the supermarket madness. Walgreens has the basics at super low prices now through Saturday. All Kellogg’s brand cereals are $1.99 including Pop-tarts. Hot buys include 99-cent dinner brands such as Banquet, Budget Gourmet, Fast Bites and Jose Ole Chimichangas, which is an easy and quick dinner for you and the family.
CoffeeMate is on sale this week at buy one, get one free and Ocean Spray juices are at two for $5. Household items are marked down as well at Walgreens as Swiffer products are 25 percent off, and a wide selection of household cleaners are buy one get one free such as Fantastik, Windex, Lysol and Scrubbing Bubbles. All Garnier Fructis hair care products are buy one, get one 1/2 off, and the same goes for all Axe products. Colgate dental care items, including toothpaste are BOGO. Treat or prevent allergies and colds with Walgreens brand medications for buy one, get [...]

The beach-ready guy

Březen 4th, 2011

Here in the tropics, summer means one thing: the beach! When going to any fine white-sand destination in the country, very few things are required. Everything else can be found at the resorts, anyway. Since it is reported that the sunny season will be very short this year, we have to be prepared to hit the beach whenever the weather forecast is favorable. Leave the hours upon hours of over-packing to the girls; guys should only be concerned about the basics. Here are some stylish options:
Beach apparel—Folded & Hung came out with beach garb early this year. Pick from a quirky and slightly hippie selection of boardshorts for frolicking under the sun and in and out of the water. Also check out Billabong’s new Bob Marley line that features retro-ish boardshorts with the reggae legend’s likeness printed on them. Another design has the trademark rasta colors of gold, green and red. A range of beach-friendly items like tanktops, beanies and [...]

Here in the tropics

Březen 2nd, 2011

At its annual meeting in October on the Gold Coast, Billabong forecast full-year net profit growth of 2-8 per cent, but in December it downgraded that to a flat outlook, and yesterday it said that remained unchanged.
Billabong management stresses that the company is in a “year of transition”, as it will take that long to fully integrate the acquisitions it made last year, with the number of its retail outlets rising from 380 to 630.
“This took about a year, as I was not only testing materials for the shorts and the waistband, but also testing designs and prototypes,” he said. “Parallel to this, we were developing a company logo, positioning and website content — and I was doing all this at night, after my day job was over. It’s been worth it though and a great learning experience. The best part is now that we are launched, we are seeing results, with sales as far away as Finland.”
Howison decided to [...]