Surf’s Way Up for Women Going Pro as Wave
One of women’s professional surfing’s biggest events, the Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast of Australia, starts on Feb. 26 and goes through March 9. The winner of the event, part of the Association of Surfing Professionals Women’s World Tour, will take home $110,000, one of the highest prizes in professional women’s surfing.
The winner of the men’s event, The Quicksilver Pro, being held concurrently, will take home four times that amount at $425,000.
“The difference in winnings is really because of sponsorships, but having such big women’s events really does show our progress,” said filmmaker Heather Hudson of Santa Barbara, Calif.
Hudson, a life-long surfer herself, is executive producer of the 2009 documentary The Women and the Waves, which chronicles women in surfing.
Surfing dates to pre-historic Hawaii and Polynesia. Until missionaries came to the islands and banned surfing because of the mingling of the sexes, both men and women enjoyed the sport.
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BILLABONG chief Derek O’Neill showed the dexterity of a champion surfer yesterday when he
pulled off a radical manoeuvre that boosted the company’s share price by as much as 12 per cent
despite an 18 per cent lower profit.
Billabong’s net profit for the six months to the end of December was $57.2 million, compared
with the $69.7m for the comparable period last year.
Among many problems Billabong is facing is the strong Australian dollar, which distorts its
overseas earnings. That is important because America accounts for about 40 per cent of its
business and Europe about 30 per cent.
In constant currency terms — without the distorting effect of the strong dollar — Billabong’s
profit is down 9.8 per cent.
This is where Mr O’Neill, who briefly surfed professionally before moving into retail, pulled
off the manoeuvre — a drop of 9.8 per cent in constant currency terms is towards the lower end
of December’s guidance for a net profit drop of 8-13 per cent.
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