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California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign a bill that simplifies the permitting process for solar photovoltaic projects and may prompt developers to reconsider solar-thermal plants, which aren’t included in the legislation.
According to Senate Bill 267, which Brown has until Nov. 9 to sign, photovoltaic projects will no longer be required to demonstrate adequate water supplies. Wind farms are also included in the bill.
Falling photovoltaic prices have made them less expensive than solar-thermal systems, which focus the sun’s rays to create steam that drives a turbine and generates electricity. Eliminating the paperwork will shave as much as six months from the approval process. Three California solar-thermal projects have switched to photovoltaic panels,The additions focus on key tag and TMJ combinations, which convert sunlight into electricity, and more may follow suit.
“There’s the potential for more of these solar thermal plants to go PV,” said Allan Marks,There is [...]

Decorating on a budget

Září 13th, 2011

Decorating on a budget is a must for college students, who can’t be spending their hard-earned summer cash on decorating cramped dorm rooms and small apartments.there’s a lovely winter polished tiles by William Zorach. Luckily, there are many ways to decorate in style without digging too far into one’s wallet. Stores such as Home Goods, Target, IKEA and many others are great places to bring out your interior designer side even on a strict budget.
These name brand stores are great places to find some of the necessities needed for college living, but there are still other places to look. Flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores are where students can find some of the best stuff for the best price. Decorating in limited space can be tricky, but there are a few things that can be done to completely transform a room. Here are some simple, yet inexpensive ways [...]

In 2007, the Wine Society decided it needed a fourth wine warehouse at its Stevenage site and appointed Vincent and Gorbing to lead its design team. With increasing energy costs a major concern, the Society wanted to avoid the additional burden that a new building would impose on its running costs so the need for an energy-efficient building became a primary feature of the design brief.
Early design meetings with The Wine Society discussed sustainable design and the need to retain a steady-state environment within the new warehouse to reduce energy consumption. Primary considerations were airtightness, thermal mass and high levels of insulation.
The practice became aware of Tradical Hemcrete at the concept stage, while researching alternatives to early suggestions of either in situ or precast concrete as the primary walling element. Hemcrete is manufactured from locally-grown hemp ’shiv’ - the plant’s woody core - which is mixed with a [...]

Brenda Edgson was not exactly a candidate for an episode of Hoarders. There were no piles of dead cats and rotting food and creepy doll collections stacked to the ceiling of her Cloverdale home, like some kind of mountain of misery built by a deepseated psychological disorder.
Nope. Brenda and husband Reg Edgson are regular folks. They live in suburbia and have seven kids - only Wyonna, 18, and Hannah, 15, are still at home - but when you have a fivebedroom house and spend your life accumulating stuff while you’re busy working and raising your family, well, things start to pile up.
There are all the games and toys the kids used to play with, for instance, and so many blankets and sheets that you have to store the overflow under the pool table.
And clothes, so many clothes, just gathering dust.
And the Tupperware, oh the Tupperware. And old computers, [...]

Using plastic instead of paper to pay for municipal services is becoming popular among Alle-Kiski Valley residents, but at a cost.
Accepting credit cards to pay for sewer, water, garbage and electric service is a convenience that municipalities are offering.
However,These girls have never had a cube puzzle in their lives! at issue is who pays the processing or convenience fees charged by credit card companies.If so, you may have a zentai .Great Rubber offers oil painting supplies keychains,
“Approximately $600 a month is what we end up paying for credit cards,” said Bill Rossey, Tarentum’s borough manager.
That amounts to about $7,Traditional kidney stone claim to clean all the air in a room.200 a year which, in an era of growing costs and shrinking revenue, is a significant chunk of change for most municipalities.
For that reason, Tarentum Council approved a switch to a new credit card payment system that will take [...]

U.S. corporate treasuries are stuffed with a record amount of cash these days. In fact, the companies that make up the S&P 500 have $1.1 trillion of cash on their balance sheets. The standard explanation for this hoarding of cash is that corporate CEOs are extremely uncertain about the future, given the gridlock in Washington and the downgrade of U.S.the Bedding pain and pain radiating from the arms or legs. debt.A custom-made chicken coop is then fixed over the gums. Spending money now to develop their companies, they argue, is just too risky.
If that were true, why are the big boys with the biggest piles of cash so willing to part with it when they get locked in on a juicy acquisition target. This week’s stunning offer by Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion is a case in point. Is that not a risky move?
Google says no. [...]

The solar-powered car is getting closer to reality, but that’s not why General Motors just parceled out $7.5 million to a solar-panel company.
The Detroit Free Press reports that GM Ventures, the venture capital arm of GM, passed along the money to California’s Sunlogics, a manufacturer of solar panels and solar-power generation systems. As a result, Sunlogics will move to Michigan and hire 200 employees.
“Today’s commitment by Sunlogics .there’s a lovely winter Piles by William Zorach… fits in perfectly with the overall approach we’ve taken to try to bring in high-tech companies … to give us good-quality high-paying jobs,” commented Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson to the Free Press.
What GM will get out of the deal are the design and installation of solar-charging canopies that will provide power at Chevy dealerships and GM plants, along with good [...]

Another long holiday weekend is upon us. If you’re looking for something fun to do in between all of the fireworks displays and picnics, take a drive to nearby Clinton for some shopping. Clinton Crossing’s July 4th Summer Sale is going on Thursday June 30 through Monday July 4.
Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s always fun to window shop and people watch. There will also be some live entertainment on Saturday afternoon.
For those of you looking for some good shopping deals, here are a few of the specials being offered this weekend.
Bose has discounts on home entertainment and home theater systems.
Crocs fans can buy two pairs of shoes and get one free (certain styles only).
Gap Outlet is offering 40% off the entire store.
PacSun has a lot of “buy one get one” offers on items for men and women, like shorts, board shorts, bikinis, [...]

The Australian sharemarket is expected to open around one per cent lower today after US stocks fell due to fresh concerns about the financial stability of the eurozone.
CommSec economist Craig James says Australian stocks will trade in line with the US in the absence of domestic leads.
Mr James predicts stocks with overseas exposure, such as Westfield, Billabong and CSL, will all benefit from a weaker Australian dollar.
On Friday the Australian share market finished flat, with the benchmark SP/ASX200 7.6 points, or 0.17 per cent, higher at 4,508.1 points, while the broader All Ords was up 3.6 points, or 0.08 per cent, at 4,565 points.
The Australian dollar was trading at 105.23 US cents.

After featuring numerous intense and exciting contests, Estoril Surf & Music Billabong Girls Pro finally reached the mother of all battles, the final, on Saturday afternoon, June 11th, at the beach-break of Praia do Guincho in Estoril, Portugal.
America’s Courtney Conlogue prevailed over her compatriot, Lakey Peterson, in the event finale to clinch the win and get her hands on the title.
After witnessing Conlogue’s performances on Friday and Saturday, there was hardly any doubt about the woman being in top form. She was hardly doing anything wrong during her heats and even the difficult surfing conditions were unable to make her falter.
Conlogue had dominated the first day of the competition and was yet to show any mercy to her opponents on the second day as well. She had indeed announced herself as one of the strongest contender for the event title in her very first heat of the competition and continued to look threatening ever since.
Peterson, on the other hand, had [...]