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Develop for the Blue Ocean

Listopad 9th, 2011

My understanding of mobile app developers is that numbers matters. As a developer, always build for the platform with a big enough user base. There’s nothing wrong with that,your own Wholesale Wooden Style For Countertops is usually higher it makes pure business sense. There’ll be more potential users out there for you to test, market and sell your apps.
But numbers also means another problem for developers. Getting their apps enough exposure. Established platforms like the Android and Apple iOS has also drawn a large pool of developers to them, each churning out their own apps at superhuman rates. The Android Marketplace now boast about 250,000 apps while Apple has more than 350,000 apps in the app store (based on the Silicon Alley infographic for March 2011).
So should developers continue to build for saturated platforms or would moving to or developing for a less popular, but one with potential [...]

Four young men and a woman who allegedly made up what Naperville police described as a loosely-knit narcotics ring face trial on myriad charges, including the possession or delivery of heroin, Ecstasy and Psilocybin.This patent infringement case relates to retractable RUBBER MATS ,
Detective Shaun Ferguson credited members of the Naperville community with helping police crack the case.
The probe initially focused on Keneipp and Hoepper, who live together in an apartment on the 1000 block of Heritage Hill Drive on the city’s northwest side.
“We received several anonymous tips about drug activity at that address,” Ferguson said Wednesday night. “Several of those tips came from various sources or locations throughout the north side of town.”
“Eventually, it all tied into” the apartment where Hoepper and Keneipp live, Ferguson said. “We then developed the case involving those subjects, and we quickly found they were interconnected” with Fillar, Lizzadro and O’Connell, he said.
Lizzadro [...]

It’s August 2011, and Andrew Mason is agitated.
He’s at his desk in the middle of Groupon’s wide open, call center-style office in Chicago. His headphones are on. His brow is furrowed.who was responsible for tracking down Charles syringe needle .
His company had been the darling of the business press for the past two years. Suddenly it’s not.
He can’t hang on to a COO. The SEC is asking questions. Industry executives are calling him a ponzi schemer.Replacement landscape oil paintings and bulbs for Canada and Worldwide. Early employees are demanding six-figure pay for 9 to 5 hours. One even filed a lawsuit. Merchant customers are screaming. And Mason and his board, having helped themselves to $900 million of cash that could have gone to the company, are are now being blasted for incompetence and greed.
What a turnabout from a few months earlier, when Groupon was the talk of Wall Street. Then, [...]