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Posted Březen 2nd, 2011 by Billabongboardshortscloths

At its annual meeting in October on the Gold Coast, Billabong forecast full-year net profit growth of 2-8 per cent, but in December it downgraded that to a flat outlook, and yesterday it said that remained unchanged.

Billabong management stresses that the company is in a “year of transition”, as it will take that long to fully integrate the acquisitions it made last year, with the number of its retail outlets rising from 380 to 630.

“This took about a year, as I was not only testing materials for the shorts and the waistband, but also testing designs and prototypes,” he said. “Parallel to this, we were developing a company logo, positioning and website content — and I was doing all this at night, after my day job was over. It’s been worth it though and a great learning experience. The best part is now that we are launched, we are seeing results, with sales as far away as Finland.”

Howison decided to launch the company via his website and the use of social media. “Word-of- mouth advertising is one of the best ways to show people what your company is doing and introduce a new product. Launching a social media campaign has allowed us to reach people across the globe,” he said.

Beach apparel—Folded & Hung came out with beach garb early this year. Pick from a quirky and slightly hippie selection of boardshorts for frolicking under the sun and in and out of the water. Also check out Billabong’s new Bob Marley line that features retro-ish boardshorts with the reggae legend’s likeness printed on them. Another design has the trademark rasta colors of gold, green and red. A range of beach-friendly items like tanktops, beanies and belts are available too.

Accessories—A versatile choice for a bag that can carry everything you’ll need while enjoying the sun, sand and sea would be the “My Bag” from Muji, which is an eco-friendly shopping bag that can be used as a basic stash-it-all. Muji also has travel organizers for toiletries. And of course, flip-flops from Havaianas are still the best footwear for the beach. They’re comfortable, durable and there’s a design and color to complement every look.

Sun protection—Get a slight sun-kissed tan while protecting your skin. Sunblocks are usually heavy and sticky, but not the new Sheer Touch line from Hawaiian Tropic. The Sheer Touch Sensitive Skin in SPF 30 is great for the face because it’s lightweight, oil-free and hypoallergenic. Then, there’s the Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen in SPF 30 and 50 for the body that’s very water resistant and has advanced UVA protection.

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