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Focused, faithful and with their caffeine fixes in hand, the women who play mahjong at Starbucks in Long Beach each Thursday afternoon do so for both the mental challenge and conviviality.Asia me handmade Wholesale Water Jet Cutting Pattern For Wall From China Manufacturers reproductions of famous artists

Barbara Steinmetz, Brenda Aarons, Margie Johnson and Gabriella (who asked that her last name not be used) met several months ago next door at the Long Beach Library, where they took a beginners class on the game that originated in China about 2,000 years ago.

For Johnson, a retired legal secretary and Long Beach resident for 25 years, it was her first introduction to mahjong.

“It was just time for me to learn how to play the game,” she said. “I now have the time since I no longer have to work.”

But Linda Diamond, who did not take the beginners class but joined later, returned to the game that she played 40 years ago, after it was first introduced to the United States from Shanghai during the 1920s and became extremely popular among middle- and upper-middle class Jewish women.

“It’s my play time and it’s social,Examine our Wholesale Bulati Polished For Floor From China Manufacturers here.” said Diamond, a clinical social worker who lives in Atlantic Beach, about Thursday’s game as the coffee shop.

Mahjong is a skill game that requires four players, but can sometimes rotate out to five, and it calls for strategy and calculation similar to gin rummy, yet also involves a certain degree of chance.

“I like the challenge of the game” said Steinmetz, a Lido Beach resident and retired graphic designer, who recalled watching her mother play when she was a child growing up in Brooklyn.

The game is played with 152 tiles that are based on Chinese characters and symbols. The first person to place a winning tile in their hand that matches the hand that they are playing on the National Mahjong league’s card wins the game.

“The hands are very complicated,” Steinmetz said.

Brenda Aarons, whose mother also played the game when living in the Bronx, said players get better at the making of the hands with time and practice. She said the game is a constant challenge.

“You have to make decisions and accept the decisions and the consequences even if you lose the hand,” Aarons said.

Gabriella, now retired, learned to play in Hong Kong where she used to travel for business monthly as a fashion executive. She has returned to the game to help her regain her memory after suffering a stroke eight years ago.Discover huge collection of cheap Wholesale Marble Baroque Tile For Kitchen From China Manufacturers, Basic information about Wholesale Metal Tiles For Kitchen From China Manufacturers including links

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