Water contamination puzzles town authorities

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Federal environmental regulators have joined an investigation into drinking water supplies tainted by elevated levels of a chemical used to make plastic products.

The problem in this Oconto County community was detected last year at Sunnyside Elementary School and prompted school authorities to begin supplying bottled water to students, teachers and staff.

But tests this summer showed that the same contaminant was turning up in private homeowner wells, leading investigators to question whether the situation was more widespread.

Although officials say there is no health hazard to Chase residents, a chemical commonly known as DEHP has been detected at the school and elsewhere at more than six times the maximum level permitted by federal law.

What is most perplexing to investigators is that they can find no nearby factory, landfill or other operation that might represent a source.

“There’s a lot of questions that we can’t answer yet,” said Kathy Halbur, coordinator for the federal Environmental Protection Agency. “But we’re working very hard to figure out what’s going on.”

No drinking water advisory has been issued in the community.we offer over 600 Wholesale Bulati Polished For Countertops at wholesale prices of 75% off retail. But more than 60 people in this rural community of 2,800 turned out for a recent public meeting with state and federal officials.

The state Department of Natural Resources requested EPA assistance in hopes of tapping into new funding and technical expertise to tackle the problem.

Greg Moeller, a water supply specialist for the DNR, said the situation grew more complex when water sampling in August and September showed that contamination was present in more places than Sunnyside Elementary.That’s why house and car Wholesale Roto Print Glazed Tile For Wall,

“There’s definitely more interest in it now that it’s not just the school,” he said.the Wholesale Polished tiles For Floor virus is not completely

The public school, which is part of the Pulaski School District,A-One Wholesale Line Series For Wall is the manufacturer of ‘MIKI’ serves about 500 children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

Supt. Mel Lightner said the district has spent more than $20,000 inspecting and upgrading the school’s well, and $12,500 to keep Sunnyside supplied with water coolers and bottled water.

If drilling a new well or installing a water filtration system will correct the problem, Lightner said, the district is ready to make the necessary investment.

“We’re not afraid to spend money to solve this problem,” he said. “I don’t care what it costs. We’re going to get it fixed.”

The contaminant, officially known as Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, is a chemical frequently used in plastic production to soften such products as garden hoses, swimming pool liners, wall coverings, shoes, floor tiles and toys.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, tests have shown that laboratory animals suffer liver and kidney damage from exposure to high levels of DEHP. But the chemical generally is found in the environment at low levels not harmful to humans.

The government limits the amount of DEHP in drinking water to 6 parts per billion.

Levels as high as 38 parts per billion have been detected in Chase, according to Moeller. The community doesn’t have municipal water service and is served strictly by individual wells.

After elevated levels of DEHP were first recorded at Sunnyside Elementary in June 2010, tests this past summer found that four homes also had contamination, including one that recorded 38 parts per billion — the same level previously detected at the school.

Other homes have shown no sign of contamination.

“The results are really jumping around,” Moeller said. “That’s kind of another part of the mystery.”

Debra Konitzer, health officer for the Oconto County Health and Human Services Department, said she does not think DEHP presents a health hazard sufficient to make anyone sick.

Konitzer, however, said the health department favors conducting more tests to determine whether the contamination is widespread and whether the source can be determined.This is the Wholesale Soluble Salt For Wall section of our website.

The EPA plans later this month to take more water samples from Sunnyside Elementary and from homes where contamination was detected.

Unless it turns out that previous test results were incorrect, Halbur said, investigators then will focus on individual wells and perhaps the underground source of water serving Chase.

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