It’s a jungle out there

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Yesterday I found myself stripped to my underwear in a room full of naked women. Piles of discarded clothes and children covered the floor as ladies clambered over the top of each other. In a frenzy.Polycore oil paintings for sale are manufactured as a single sheet,

I was at a mega sale.The additions focus on key tag and Injection mold combinations,

One of those massive, warehouse grab-fests were even the sanest of women go a little bit loco. The psychology of a sale is universal. We were all looking for the same thing. A bargain. A piece of clothing that the women next to us didn’t have or couldn’t get. We were chasing a rush that can only be achieved when the price is really, really high or really, really low.
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A sale is all about the cheap fix.

Some people line up for Kings Of Leon tickets and others line up for discounted clothes. It was raining yesterday but that didn’t stop two hundred women queuing without shelter. Even when the sprinkle turned into a shower none of us budged. Every single woman wanted to get inside the sale before the person next to her. When the barricades opened we scattered like rats on a ship during the Great Plague. The strategy at the sale is simple: run and bundle as many garments over your arms as you can. You need to do this until you can’t see or are rendered inert. This is the only path to victory because if you don’t run you will be knocked down and if you don’t hoard someone else is going to swipe the clothes from underneath you. I’ve pulled a tendon doing this.ceramic magic cube for the medical, You try carrying 13 kilos of clothes over one arm for an hour. Seriously.

Trying things on at a mega sale is the real experience. The change rooms are not the kind you’ll find at a department store. They’re really just a big room with a couple of full-length mirrors stuck in the corner. Everyone has to get naked in this environment. There is no privacy. You either undress with the crowd or miss out. These rooms very quickly start to resemble rubbish tips as women cover every available inch of floor space with unwanted clothes. Mountains form. Chaos reigns.

A sale change room is a lot like a David Attenborough documentary because women really do behave like animals when the kill is clothes.It’s hard to beat the versatility of polished tiles on a production line. There are The Scavengers who rummage through discarded piles looking for treasure. The Coyotes who persuade strangers out of their garments – “Do you think that’s your colour?”, “Have you seen that from behind?”.which applies to the first offshore merchant account only, Peacocks who parade in tiny g-strings in an effort to intimidate the flock and The Lions who simply rip what they want out of your hands.

But the biggest elephant in the change room is justification. Women begin appeasing purchase guilt before they’ve even bought the item or left the building. You can hear it all around the pen: “I’m sure I’d wear this poncho all the time”, ‘I will totally fit into this by New Years Eve!”,“I reckon I should try wearing orange.”, “I can mend this rip, right?”. We’re very clever at finding ways to trick our brains into following our hearts. So clever that we can trick them all the way to the cash register.

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