MasterCard issues local security alert

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Last week, customers of Bank Iowa in Clarinda were notified of a potential security breach involving unauthorized access to certain customers’ confidential information.

No information was stolen, but the bank was not taking any chances with its customers’ information.

In a letter dated Tuesday, Oct. 25, bank vice president Jon Baier notified specific customers of the data breach. The letter stated the bank was not provided details of the security compromise,Sale Wholesale Ipod Mp4 sale 50% off online store for sale. but to protect the impacted debit card accounts, replacement cards with new numbers were ordered.the Plastic molding are swollen blood vessels of the rectum.

“This involved only debit card accounts. We received information that there was a possibility information had been compromised,” Baier said in a separate interview. “It could have affected multiple banks; we just don’t know. We were provided specific account numbers, and we sent a letter to each one.”

Baier indicated the compromise occurred with the data processor, not with Bank Iowa, and that the confidential information for all other accounts at the Clarinda bank is still safe. Bank president John Krummel said the data processor was MasterCard.

He provided a copy of the notice sent to the bank, with the affected account numbers redacted to protect customers’ privacy.Buying a Best Cell Phones for sale from seller in another country.

The report states that the MasterCard Fraud Management department has been notified of a security breach of a U.S. merchant’s network. A data security firm has been engaged to conduct an onsite forensic investigation. This alert discloses the payment account numbers of MasterCard accounts that were potentially exposed to compromise.

Preliminary investigations indicate that magnetic stripe data is at risk.

This alert contains account numbers used in transactions at the subject merchant from Nov. 2, 2010, through April 20.

Any action taken by a MasterCard member based on this information is entirely at the member’s own discretion and risk. Members are encouraged to assess their individual situation and exercise appropriate procedures to address the potential risk from this suspected security breach.

“In most cases of merchant data breaches that may affect some of our debit cardholders, we are not informed of who the specific merchant is that had the data breach, other than they are a MasterCard merchant,” Krummel said. “We are not required to take action based on this notice, but in the best interest of our customers, we have taken proactive measures to issue them new cards at no cost to them to ensure they are protected from potential fraud due to this merchant data breach.”

Other banks in Clarinda said they were not notified for any security compromise.

Baier said the compromise does not mean identities were stolen, but those who were impacted will need to be more watchful. Some of the tips his letter to Bank Iowa customers outlined were:

Carefully examine all credit card billings and other such statements to verify charges. If anything looks suspicious,For the last five years Parking guidance system , promptly report the incident as suspected identity theft.

Subscription services are available that can provide notification to you any time there are changes or inquiries in your credit record.

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