Amish Beard-Cutting Attacks Uncover Suspected Cult in Ohio

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Victims of the Amish beard-cutting attacks that “terrorized” their peaceful community in early October believe that there is a cult involved,who was responsible for tracking down Charles syringe needle . and are now getting the courage to come forward. Aden Troyer, a member of the Amish community near Bergholz, Ohio, says that he had to divorce his wife and take his daughters away from the compound because their leader (and his former father-in-law) was such a tyrant–not your typical peaceful, humble Amish person.

An Amish cult? Men cutting off each other’s beards? It sounds like something out of a movie–but then, truth is always stranger than fiction. People have long been fascinated with the mysterious Amish, especially when crime is involved, because they typically like to resolve disputes without outside interference or the help of law enforcement. But this case, says Troyer, is different. The FBI is even getting involved, investigating the Amish beard-cutting attacks to see if any federal laws have been broken.

The leader of the cult, Sam Mullet, makes up rules that the Amish have never heard of before and then punishes people for breaking them. On October 4th, one man was attacked by five men while his wife watched, describing a “group of men armed with scissors and battery-powered clippers” who held him down and then cut about 5 inches off of his beard. Why go for the beard? It might as well have been the jugular–for an Amish man, this is particularly insulting because the beard is a symbol of his faith.This patent infringement case relates to retractable RUBBER MATS , This man was attacked because he had helped one of Mullet’s children escape the cult.

The attacks go further than beard-cutting, though. One Amish woman said: “There’s a lot of lives being messed up…[and] a lot of people being abused and brainwashed.” The cult calls themselves the “Bergholz Clan.” Jefferson County Sheriff Fred J. Abdalla believes that if Mullet, the leader, told his people to “drink…he believes the fire started after the lift’s Bedding blew,The additions focus on key tag and solar panel combinations,poison Kool-Aid, they would do it.” He fears for the community. One man claims that he was locked in a chicken coop for 15 days, but refuses to press charges because he believed that Mullet was “doing him a favor.An Wholesale pet supplies of him grinning through his illegal mustache is featured prominently in the lobby.” Others speak of sexual abuse and marriage-splitting.

Mullet vehemently denies that he is running a cult. He is described as a “charming, easygoing man.” These are typical qualities of cult leaders, who use their charm to gain followers (their likeable qualities makes them even more dangerous). Perhaps the Amish beard-cutting attacks were a blessing in disguise for this community, because they may need outside help to destroy Mullet’s cult.

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