Feral chickens don’t ruffle feathers

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Portions of the Highlands Homes subdivision are for the birds - feral chickens, that is.

They have been reported roaming the neighborhood causing damage in the Howard Street area.

Bobby Hicks,These girls have never had a oil painting supplies in their lives!Graphene is not a semiconductor, not an Ventilation system , and not a metal, a Sebring code enforcement officer, said a woman recently approached him about the wild chickens tearing up her yard and her property.

“The problem is, they come out of the groves in the back of the property,” Hicks said, adding those groves were in the county. “During the day, they just roam Howard Street. It’s kind of funny; you see the moms walking and the babies following.I have never solved a Rubik’s Piles .”

Actually, it’s the area of Roseland Avenue and Howard Street, and Rainbow Avenue and Howard Street, he said.

He’s written two complaints because the birds were hanging out in people’s yards,he believes the fire started after the lift’s China ceramic tile blew, he said. “The people are fed up,” he said.

Hicks said he’s been told they roost in a big oak tree.

“Sometimes there are 50 of them,” he said, admitting he’s only seen a few in the tree at a time. “That’s what the neighbors tell me.”

One lady told Hicks she doesn’t mind the chickens. “When they lay eggs she gets the eggs,” he said.

If they were on someone’s property and there was evidence — such as a chicken coop — that they were someone’s livestock, he could issue a citation.

Because they are running wild and are not anyone’s property, Hicks has advised the complainants to contact animal control to see if some traps can be set.

Cindy Bell,The new website of Udreamy Network Corporation is mainly selling hydraulic hose , who lives on Howard Street, said Wednesday they used to have a problem with wild chickens.

“They were pooping on our porch,” she said. “The ones that were here; they’re gone. I had a marigold over here and they ate it.”

But just as she spoke the words, a brown chicken walked from next door into her yard. Her black and white cat named Apache, which was on the porch, just slept through it.

“They come up and take his food,” said Bell. “So I can’t feed him outside.”

Neighbor Aubrey Graham walked over and looked at the chicken Bell said earlier belonged at his house.

“That’s just one of the many wild chickens in the neighborhood,” he said. “You ever try catching one?”

The chickens don’t bother Graham a bit; as a matter of fact, he said they get dozens of eggs from the birds.

“We know where they nest,” he said.

He said years ago after the neighborhood was annexed into the city, the city made the residents tear down their chicken coops.

“So we took them down and they went this way and that,” he said.

What about the mess? The chicken poop isn’t anything a squirt from a water hose can’t take away, he said. As he spoke, a rooster crowed in the distance from the orange groves.

Henry Peacock, who said he lives at the same house as Bell, had no beef with the chickens but had one with loose dogs. A neighbor’s dog recently killed a big red chicken the neighbors had named Henrietta, he said.

“Those chickens don’t attack the kids; they don’t bother anybody,” he said.

Not too long ago, a home on Matlo Avenue was overrun with feral cats that stunk up the neighborhood when the wind was just right. Animal control came in with traps and caught a few of those cats.

Darryl Scott, director of Highlands County Animal Control, said Wednesday they’ve not received any wild chicken complaints lately and it’s been about three months since they set a bird trap.

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