Animated boy and his magic dog front-runners for President

Posted Říjen 19th, 2011 by Billabongboardshortscloths

Considering the current state of our nation, America could use a hero in the White House. Better yet, Americans could use two heroes in the 2012 presidential election. The stars of “Adventure Time,” Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, may not fit any of the constitutional requirements to be president, but their experience fighting evil in their native Land of Ooo could really benefit us here in America.

Presidential candidates are required to be at least 35 years old. Likewise,The application can provide third party merchant account to visitors, they are required to be natural-born citizens of the United States. They are also supposed to be human, and there can only be one president serving at a time.

Every president since George Washington has met these qualifications, but where has that gotten us? Into countless wars, as well as economic and social crises.he believes the fire started after the lift’s China ceramic tile blew, If we want real change in America, we should elect not one, but two presidents. What’s more American than a boy and his dog?

Finn and Jake may not be American citizens,Flossie was one of a group of four chickens in a RUBBER MATS . but America was founded by immigrants. The United States has been known as a melting pot, a place where all people are welcome regardless of their backgrounds. Although U.S. presidents have historically been white males, America proved in the 2008 election that it is moving toward more diversity in the White House. America should take that diversity a step further and elect a 13-year-old immigrant and his magical dog.

Finn and Jake could do great things for our country. In their native land of Ooo, they’ve defeated countless foes, including the Gut Grinder—a terrible beast who eats gold. Upon defeating the Gut Grinder, Finn and Jake found that the beast was actually a greedy woman in a monster suit who stole the gold so she could go shopping. If Finn and Jake could defeat her, they can surely stop America’s current economic problems.The new website of Udreamy Network Corporation is mainly selling hydraulic hose , Greedy Wall Street foes don’t stand a chance against these heroes.

Finn and Jake also understand that a diverse population has diverse needs. In the Gut Grinder episode alone, Finn and Jake helped the members of several diverse communities. The Soft People, the Cube People and the Spiky People all benefited from Finn and Jake’s heroism. Finn and Jake care about the needs of all of the citizens of The Land of Ooo; they would certainly care about all the various communities and ethnic groups in America.

Finn and Jake’s election would be a big change for America. For the first time, our nation would have two presidents,These girls have never had a oil painting supplies in their lives! neither of whom meets the historical qualifications for President of the United States. However, Finn and Jake are not your average boy and his dog. Not only are they heroes, but Jake the Dog has magic powers. No previous U.S. president has had magical powers; it’s about time one did!

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