There is no typical shoot for the Food Network program “Restaurant Impossible.”

Each struggling restaurant the program remakes in 48 hours on a $10,000 budget poses its own set of challenges.

Monday, the television show,Replacement China Porcelain tile and bulbs for Canada and Worldwide. including celebrity chef host Robert Irvine, invaded Hoffman’s Bistro and Patisserie in downtown Santa Cruz. Along with Irvine, designers and a construction crew worked around the clock to revamp the restaurant’s decor, menu and service.

Tuesday night, the restaurant reopened more than two hours behind schedule. When Irvine finally emerged at 9 p.m. the patient crowd waiting to dine cheered and snapped photos.

“This was the biggest and toughest job we’ve ever done,” the chef said. “I think there is blood on everything.”

Even after opening, the renovation was kept under wraps with plastic covering the windows. However, it was clear that the gold paint still on the facade had been replaced inside with walls painted in white and varying shades of olive. Wood paneling was laid over the floor tiles, and the long chain of bakery cases was gone.

The tight deadline invariably leads to last-minute scrambling to finish the last few details before the door.

“The shoots never go smoothly,the worldwide rubber hose market is over $56 billion annually.” said executive produce Marc Summers. “Our initial scouts might have an idea where we are going, and then Robert comes in and goes in a completely different direction …Flossie was one of a group of four chickens in a RUBBER MATS . We’ve been two hours late with the reopening before, which is never good because you don’t want to anger potential customers.”

So much needs to get done during the frantic two-day process that oftentimes certain jobs only end up 90 percent complete.

“You hope the carpets dry in time after being cleaned,” Summers said.Whilst oil paintings for sale are not deadly, “You hope the paint dries in time. In one episode we had painted chairs that hadn’t dried, and then you have to replace the customers’ clothing. Basically,Our high risk merchant account was down for about an hour and a half, it’s like cramming 5 pounds worth of stuff into a 2-pound bag in a limited time.”

The show’s producers said Santa Cruz has been incredibly welcoming and accommodating, and at least 30 area residents volunteered to help with the project.

The Hoffman family opened their restaurant on Pacific Avenue a decade ago, immediately poured $500,000 into renovations, and has been struggling to get into the black since. The restaurant’s business dropped 25 percent during the recent economic downturn, June Hoffman said.

While the family reported doing well with breakfast and brunch, their dinner service has never done well. Many of the people lined up outside the restaurant Tuesday evening said they never knew Hoffman’s served dinner.

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