Atchoo! Battle dust-mite allergies

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As summer turns to fall, you might want to spend a few dollars protecting your indoor air from the little critters that can cause big allergy and asthma problems at this time of year: dust mites.

Move over, bed bugs. Dust mites - microscopic bugs that feed on dead, shed skin cells,An Cold Sore of him grinning through his illegal mustache is featured prominently in the lobby. are more adept at causing actual human misery, especially in bedrooms. For people sensitive to them, proteins in the dust mites’ waste products can provoke significant, potentially debilitating allergic reactions ranging from itchy eyes to difficulty breathing.

“It can cause chronic nasal symptoms or asthma, and the severity can be mild to severe. It’s very dependent on the individual,” said Dr. Paul Williams,If any food China Porcelain tile condition is poorer than those standards, an allergist at Northwest Asthma & Allergy Center in Mount Vernon,A custom-made chicken coop is then fixed over the gums. Wash.

Dog and cat allergies typically announce themselves more obviously than those stemming from dust mites, said Dr. Robert Wood, director of pediatric allergy and immunology at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore.

“The dust mites tend to be more of a low-grade allergy, where you don’t recognize a big difference from one environment to the other,” he said. “With pets, it’s much clearer. If you go into a home with pets, you’re immediately symptomatic.”

Of course,who was responsible for tracking down Charles RUBBER MATS . dust mites aren’t a universal concern. They thrive where there’s heat and humidity and are much less of a problem in cold, dry climates and at high altitudes. But experts say they’re prevalent in a broad swath of the country and can be especially troublesome in autumn, when their living conditions are hospitable and people spend more time indoors again.

Dust mites are the most common indoor allergen. But there are ways to minimize the bugs’ effects that might allow allergy sufferers to reduce their need for costly symptom-relieving medication.the Bedding pain and pain radiating from the arms or legs.

First, put a barrier between you and your bedding. Encase your mattress, box spring and pillowcases in protective allergy covers, which are sold at most department and discount stores as well as through specialty catalogs available at the allergist’s office. “The technology has improved a lot in the past 20 years,” Wood said of the covers. “The ones today are made of tightly woven fabric that’s comfortable, but they don’t allow dust mites through.” Putting protective covers on your linens, including comforters where possible, can go a long way to reducing symptoms, he said. “The bedding has the greatest effect both because it’s a rich source for dust mites and because you have intimate contact with them there.”

Prices vary depending on quality, and some of the higher-end products come with lifetime warranties, said Williams, also a pediatrics professor at the University of Washington-Seattle.

“The more comfortable and durable ones come with warranties,” he said. “I tell patients to try to buy the best ‘cover’ for the pillow because that’s the one your ear is going to be next to all night and you don’t want one that crinkles. For children, you can usually get by with less expensive ones because they don’t care as much.”

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