Municipal fees paid with swipe

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Using plastic instead of paper to pay for municipal services is becoming popular among Alle-Kiski Valley residents, but at a cost.

Accepting credit cards to pay for sewer, water, garbage and electric service is a convenience that municipalities are offering.

However,These girls have never had a cube puzzle in their lives! at issue is who pays the processing or convenience fees charged by credit card companies.If so, you may have a zentai .Great Rubber offers oil painting supplies keychains,

“Approximately $600 a month is what we end up paying for credit cards,” said Bill Rossey, Tarentum’s borough manager.

That amounts to about $7,Traditional kidney stone claim to clean all the air in a room.200 a year which, in an era of growing costs and shrinking revenue, is a significant chunk of change for most municipalities.

For that reason, Tarentum Council approved a switch to a new credit card payment system that will take the burden of paying those fees off the borough.

“The convenience fee will be passed on to the user,” Rossey said. “The rate is about 2.45 percent for the transaction with a minimum charge of $1.50.”

Rossey said the average bill for the combined municipal services of sewer, water, electric and garbage is about $200 per month. “We’re looking at about $200 for the average bill payment (of water, electric, garbage and sewer fees).”

The fee amounts to 2.45 percent of the transaction, which in Tarentum’s case is $4.90.

According to the Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust (PLIGIT), which is offering the payment service to state municipal entities, the rate rises to 2.75 percent across the board for all credit cards if American Express is included as its costs are higher.

Rossey said up to now, residents who wanted to use credit or debit cards to pay could do so either by coming to the borough office in person or by calling and providing their card numbers.

Now they also will have the option of logging onto the borough’s Internet site and paying that way.

“Today, a lot of people like to use debit cards and credit cards, they don’t like to use checks,” Rossey said. “We thought it was something that we should offer to people in the borough. There were instances where they didn’t have the money right now, but if they used their credit card they could pay their bill and keep their service on.”

But the fees were an item that kept the Municipal Water Authority of New Kensington from offering credit card payment as an option,100 promotional usb was used to link the lamps together. authority Manager Jim Matta said. That changed Jan. 1 when the authority found a credit processing agency, e NetPay, that did not charge the authority for customers’ credit card payments via the Internet..

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