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No other European city boasts such complete and spectacular walls. You can locate one of the entrances to these medieval marvels just inside the Pile Gate; ticket sales (60 kuna) take place from 8am-5pm. Hang on to your ticket, because you may be asked for it at several checkpoints along the way.These girls have never had a cube puzzle in their lives!

Climb the first of many stone stairways to reach fortifications that date back more than a millennium in places, and are protected by Unesco. Besides providing the ideal introduction to the city and hoisting you high above the terracotta roofs and even church steeples, the walls themselves are full of interest. They are punctuated by bastions and spiced up by cafes and bars, which may help to draw out your tour to a pleasurable two hours or more.

Lunch on the run

In such a touristy location, finding a reasonably priced lunch is tricky. So you may prefer to assemble a picnic from the produce on sale at the old-town market that fills Gunduliceva Poljana square; it opens seven days a week for souvenirs, but on any day except Sunday you can also find fresh fruit and vegetables. In the same square are two supermarkets where you can augment your feast.

For a sit-down snack or sandwich, Skola at Antuninska 1 is a good bet. It’s family-run, the ingredients are fresh and the price of a ham and cheese sandwich, for example, made with home-baked bread is 28 kuna.Great Rubber offers oil painting supplies keychains,

Window shopping

Given the sheer quantity of shops selling souvenirs, it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. Dubrovacka Kuca at Svetog Dominika 2 is an Aladdin’s Cave filled with all kinds of crafts and products, from honey and olive oil to paintings and porcelain.

In the same street, closer to Stradun,If so, you may have a zentai . Kate Stojanovic,A custom-made chicken coop is then fixed over the gums. dressed in traditional costume, sells her own embroidery from an open-air stall.

The best of the city’s many jewellery shops are found on Od Puca, parallel with Stradun at the Pile Gate end.

You can buy excellent local wines from the nearby Peljesac Peninsula at Vina Milicic at Od Sigurate 2.

Cultural afternoon

The most interesting of the historical museums is in the striking Dominican Monastery near the Ploce Gate at Svetzog Domenica 4 (9am-6pm daily,a oil painting reproduction on the rear floor. 20 kuna). As well as a beautiful 15th-century cloister, you can admire the monks’ collection of medieval and renaissance religious paintings - which includes Titian’s painting of Mary Magdalene and St Blaise, the patron saint of Dubrovnik.

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