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Posted Březen 14th, 2011 by Billabongboardshortscloths

“I just don’t feel right if I know there’s not somebody out there making a surfboard for me,” Sam George once said, trying to justify a new board he’d just ordered.

“We don’t have to be confined by anything, we can ride whatever we wants,” says Hydrodynamica’s Richard Kenvin, who occassionally contributes to this site and is featured in the above clip.

Both high-minded riders are spot on. There are few things in this world better than ordering and receiving new, hand crafted surfboards. Smooth, gleaming, maybe still gassing, a new board under arm is one of those things that only a surfer — and shaper — revels in. And it was with this in mind that several years ago Cardiff’s Scott Bass decided to host a surfboard show at the Del Mar fairgrounds. Not a show for boardshorts and bros, a show just for surfboards, something to celebrate the “Sacred Craft,” as he dubbed his show.

“When you boil it right down, surfers only care about two things: Waves and the equipment to ride them with,” tells Bass. “Sacred Craft merges the two by organizing expositions that focus on surf equipment and situating the expos in coastal locations that offer waves nearby.”

It’s worked about remarkably well for him; a fact that speaks to our love affair with foam. It’s still grassroots enough to be hip. It attracts aspiring would-be shapers hoping to master the dark arts to mythic gods of foam and fiberglass. You can find fins, foils, and all the other stuff that comes along with surfboard tuning and tweaking. And the energy there, it’s kind of like if there were only one hot rod convention every year.

Later this month another installment of the Sacred Craft surfboard show will land in Santa Cruz, and as usual, it’s sure to be intriguing. The show will honor Santa Cruz shaping legend Doug Haut with a “shape-off” featuring five legendary board builders squaring off in a contest to replicate his “Bump” design. There’s also an “Antique Road Show” component where board appraisals will be done, as well as live shaping demonstrations, a “Best In Show” award, and the Billabong XXL Exxperience for all you big-wave junkies.

“More than anything, Sacred Craft is a celebration of the surfboard,” continues Bass. “The philosophical icon of enduring youth. No other object stirs as much passion, as much stoke, and as much power.”

As a man who hasn’t ordered a new sled since the Great Recession laid his quiver low, I can’t wait for the show. Regardless of if gas is $4.00 a gallon, it’s worth driving to Santa Cruz for. It’s well worth the $10 you have to pay at the door — even if they do saddle you with a subscription to Surfer magazine. Saturday March 19-20, downtown Santa Cruz, be there, you might just find that magic board you’ve been hoping for for.

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