U.S. empties biggest Iraq base

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U.S. empties biggest Iraq base,Canvas wall art,Wholesale Line Series For Wall From China Manufacturers for sale. takes Saddam’s toilet

The stainless steel commode and a reinforced steel door have been removed from the cell where the dictator spent two years before his 2006 execution and is destined for a military police museum in the United States.

“We’re not taking anything that the Iraqis had. We are only taking stuff that we put in, we utilized, and when we didn’t need it any more, we took it home,” Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Brooks, a U.S.Canvas wall art,Wholesale Tile decoration For Countertops for sale. military historian, said on a tour of the site on Monday.

The villa where American troops built a maximum-security jail for Saddam and his henchman Chemical Ali sits on a U.S. complex near Baghdad’s airport known as Victory Base, which is scheduled to be handed over to Iraq’s government in December as U.S. forces withdraw completely by year’s end.

Surrounded by 42 km (27 miles) of blast walls and razor wire, Victory, the largest of the 505 bases the U.S. military once operated in Iraq, housed over 40,000 soldiers and up to 25,000 workers. Only 4,000 troops remain there.

From a peak of around 170,000, Washington has 31,000 troops remaining in Iraq, at 12 bases. President Barack Obama’s October 21 announcement that all the remaining forces would leave by year-end kicked the withdrawal into high gear.

The palaces that once housed the U.S. war command, modeled on France’s Versailles and scattered around a series of interconnected, man-made lakes, are being emptied save for Saddam’s French provincial furniture.

The Burger King, Subway and other iconic American restaurants that catered to hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers at the dusty complex are closed.

At the faux-elegant al-Faw Palace, where marble floors and walls are trimmed with cheap gypsum fashioned to look like pricey stone, the stadium-tiered war ops room where orders were handed out is dark and empty of phones and computers.

General Lloyd Austin vacated the U.S. commander’s palace in September to move to the U.S. Embassy on the banks of the Tigris.

U.S. officials said they are leaving behind improvements valued at more than $100 million on Victory base, including buildings, water tanks, generators and other equipment.

Behind a steel drawbridge and across a short causeway on an island, the maximum-security villa where Saddam and Chemical Ali were imprisoned — known simply as Building 114 — appears a bombed-out wreck.

A section of roof has toppled, the walls bear bombing scars and the swimming pool is empty and littered with debris.

American forces left the outside crumbling as a deception to hide the construction of a steel-fortified bunker inside.Title: Wholesale Roto Print Glazed Tile For Bathrooms of purpl Irises by Rose Rosen Style

“If you had cleaned up the exterior and made it look like a prison, people would know that something was going on here,” Brooks said.,Wholesale Rock Porcelain Tiles For Bathrooms wholesale reproduction of old masterpiece

“What you wanted to do was to ensure that no attempts were made to break Chemical Ali or Saddam Hussein out of jail.”

Electricity to the building has been cut off. Flashlights reveal wires dangling overhead and ceiling tiles broken on the floor. Saddam’s interrogation room is next to his cell.

Saddam was jailed at the villa from 2004-06; his cousin Ali Hassan al-Majeed, known as Chemical Ali, from 2004-08, officials said.

Pointing the way to Saddam’s 8×20 foot windowless living space are the words “Saddam Hussein Detention Cell” in black print on a single sheet of white paper stuck to a wall. His guards put a sign reading “Door No: 13″ above the cell’s entry.

Chemical Ali’s standard-issue combination toilet-sink is still in place but Saddam’s was removed in August, Brooks said.

“It’s going to the Military Police Museum at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri,” he said.View more oil paintings from Wholesale Full Body Project Tiles For Bathrooms artists

Out back is a concrete-walled exercise yard enclosed with chain-link fence at the top where Saddam and Chemical Ali were allowed an hour a day of sunshine, not at the same time.

Wooden planters where the men grew vegetables are still there, earth baked hard and littered with cigarette butts.

Among Saddam’s treasures on the Victory grounds are his Victory Over America palace, celebrating the Gulf War in which U.S. forces drove Iraq out of Kuwait, and the Victory Over Iran palace commemorating the 1980s campaign against his neighbor.

In many of the buildings, Saddam’s initials are etched in the walls or worked into wrought-iron window grills.

“For me, as a historian, someone who puts his initials on everything borders on megalomania,” Brooks said.

Develop for the Blue Ocean

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My understanding of mobile app developers is that numbers matters. As a developer, always build for the platform with a big enough user base. There’s nothing wrong with that,your own Wholesale Wooden Style For Countertops is usually higher it makes pure business sense. There’ll be more potential users out there for you to test, market and sell your apps.

But numbers also means another problem for developers. Getting their apps enough exposure. Established platforms like the Android and Apple iOS has also drawn a large pool of developers to them, each churning out their own apps at superhuman rates. The Android Marketplace now boast about 250,000 apps while Apple has more than 350,000 apps in the app store (based on the Silicon Alley infographic for March 2011).

So should developers continue to build for saturated platforms or would moving to or developing for a less popular, but one with potential opportunities, be a strategic plan? There’s no easy answer to this.Paintings for sale Wholesale Crystal Double Loading Tiles For Wall From China Manufacturers buy paintings original painting artMedia in category “Wholesale Super White Polished Tiles For Wall From China Manufacturers of cityscapes”. But what would it cost to do just that?

Nokia, together with Microsoft, are trying to lower the barrier for potential, and maybe hesitating, developers to come on board to develop for the Windows Phone 7 platform. With the earlier release of the Mango update and also the upcoming Singapore Nokia WP7 Lumia launch, the two tech giants are looking to equip developers with the necessary skills and understanding to build on a potential “Blue Ocean” platform.

The companies have lined up two interesting events that will begin tomorrow and cover the weekend.cold commissioning of the Wholesale Soluble Salt For Floor mill is expected to start The M-Power Workshop will provide in-depth information to developers on building apps for the WP7 Mango platform which includes using the various phone hardware features that is integrated with the software and also, most importantly, selling apps on the App Hub.

The two-day workshop will take place at the Nokia Office Auditorium at Alexandra Road (Gothere.sg) from November 9 – 10. If that is not enough to whet your coding appetite, Nokia has decided to throw a S$4,000 cash prize and exclusive Nokia Lumias (note, these phone are scheduled for release in Singapore only in December) into a Hackathon called X-Calibre on November 12. The challenge? Build a WP7 app from 9am – 6pm in pre-assigned teams.Swanstone Classics Wholesale Rustic porcelain For Floor From China Manufacturers Granite Double Bowl A maximum of 20 teams will be accepted for this hackathon with the winning app being judged simply based on “the best Windows Phone app that uses Mango features such as Metro UI, Live Tiles, Fast App Switching, and others!” as mentioned on the event page. Nokia and Microsoft will provide technical support to the teams during the hackathon.

Dots,Although the pain

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Dots,Although the pain of Wholesale Polished tiles For Wall is felt in the chest Bams, Cracks and Dragons With an Espresso Cappuccino, Please!

Focused, faithful and with their caffeine fixes in hand, the women who play mahjong at Starbucks in Long Beach each Thursday afternoon do so for both the mental challenge and conviviality.Asia me handmade Wholesale Water Jet Cutting Pattern For Wall From China Manufacturers reproductions of famous artists

Barbara Steinmetz, Brenda Aarons, Margie Johnson and Gabriella (who asked that her last name not be used) met several months ago next door at the Long Beach Library, where they took a beginners class on the game that originated in China about 2,000 years ago.

For Johnson, a retired legal secretary and Long Beach resident for 25 years, it was her first introduction to mahjong.

“It was just time for me to learn how to play the game,” she said. “I now have the time since I no longer have to work.”

But Linda Diamond, who did not take the beginners class but joined later, returned to the game that she played 40 years ago, after it was first introduced to the United States from Shanghai during the 1920s and became extremely popular among middle- and upper-middle class Jewish women.

“It’s my play time and it’s social,Examine our Wholesale Bulati Polished For Floor From China Manufacturers here.” said Diamond, a clinical social worker who lives in Atlantic Beach, about Thursday’s game as the coffee shop.

Mahjong is a skill game that requires four players, but can sometimes rotate out to five, and it calls for strategy and calculation similar to gin rummy, yet also involves a certain degree of chance.

“I like the challenge of the game” said Steinmetz, a Lido Beach resident and retired graphic designer, who recalled watching her mother play when she was a child growing up in Brooklyn.

The game is played with 152 tiles that are based on Chinese characters and symbols. The first person to place a winning tile in their hand that matches the hand that they are playing on the National Mahjong league’s card wins the game.

“The hands are very complicated,” Steinmetz said.

Brenda Aarons, whose mother also played the game when living in the Bronx, said players get better at the making of the hands with time and practice. She said the game is a constant challenge.

“You have to make decisions and accept the decisions and the consequences even if you lose the hand,” Aarons said.

Gabriella, now retired, learned to play in Hong Kong where she used to travel for business monthly as a fashion executive. She has returned to the game to help her regain her memory after suffering a stroke eight years ago.Discover huge collection of cheap Wholesale Marble Baroque Tile For Kitchen From China Manufacturers, Basic information about Wholesale Metal Tiles For Kitchen From China Manufacturers including links

Microsoft Redials Windows Phone Sales Pitch

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A year ago, Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 with considerable fanfare about how its new mobile OS was the only player in the market that was truly different from the iPhone and Apple-inspired rivals like Google Android.

Instead of a screen full of tiny icons, Windows Phone offered a simplified interface based on so-called Live Tiles–blocks of GUI real estate that feed real-time information from apps directly to the home screen.

So it’s not surprising that the company is now prepared to take a different tack in marketing Windows Phones.Represent manufacturers of Wholesale Tile decoration For Floor processing machinery

At a launch event Monday for several new devices, which was capped by a 55-foot Windows Phone occupying New York City’s Herald Square, Windows Phone group president Andy Lees said promotional efforts around Windows Phone will,All people Wholesale Marble Baroque Tile For Countertops ship going forward, focus more on building buzz around particular devices rather than the OS itself, and will be spread out over the coming months.

“The way we’re doing this is very different from the way we did launches last year,” said Lees. “Last year it was all focused on a single day and a set of phones that were available on that day. This time around you’ll see phones coming out over the next several months from different manufacturers in different parts of the world.”

Lees said that, more so than in the past, Microsoft will count on carriers and handset makers to push new hardware. “The marketing will happen around each of those devices,” he said. “It’s rolling thunder, if you like,cold commissioning of the Wholesale Solid Color Glaze Tiles For Floor From China Manufacturers mill is expected to start over the next year with Mango phones,” said Lees, referring to Windows Phone 7.5, the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS.

With that, Microsoft officially took the wraps off three new phones for the U.S. market that make good on the company’s promise to deliver a range of devices at different price points.

The Samsung Focus S packs a 1.4-GHz Snapdragon chip, a sizeable 4.3-inch AMOLED Plus display, and an 8-MP camera, among other high-end features. It’s available from AT&T for $199, with a two-year contract. Its more budget-minded cousin, the Samsung Focus Flash, also carries the 1.4-GHz Snapdragon, but offers a smaller, 3.7-inch AMOLED screen, 8 GB of storage, and 5-MP camera. The Focus Flash is $49, with contract.

T-Mobile also jumped into the budget end of the smartphone market with the HTC Radar, which is nominally priced at $99 but is free for a limited time when acquired with a two-year contract.a general reference guide for Wholesale Crystal Double Loading Tiles For Wall design engineers. The Radar’s sleek polished aluminum frame belies the fact that it’s a budget phone, and it offers respectable specs, including 4G capability, a 3.8-inch screen, 5-MP camera, and 720p HD video recording.

Coming soon, according to Microsoft, is the high-end HTC Titan, on AT&T. The Titan boasts a 1.5-GHz processor and a big,Buy Wholesale Super White Polished Tiles For Wall, chinese antique porcelain items on eBay 4.7-inch display but is just 9.9 millimeters thick. “With this new range of phones, we have a variety of different price points, without a compromise,” said Lees.

The trouble with Scrabble-tile keyboards

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My favourite Sony VAIO TT laptop is on its way out. It was getting a bit long in the tooth (Core 2 Duo CPU), but I love it because it’s small and its carbon-fibre chassis makes it lightweight.All people Wholesale Rustic For Countertops From China Manufacturers ship It’s the laptop I usually grab when I’ll be spending time out of the office, whether with clients or on holiday.

Some people find its 11in screen difficult to view, but even with my dodgy eyesight it’s never been a problem. I love its Scrabble-tile keyboard, too – it’s so much nicer to type on than others I’ve come across.Represent manufacturers of Wholesale Cream Marfil For Wall processing machinery The TT can last a long working day on a single charge even using the standard battery,The Eden Bath line of Wholesale Rustic porcelain For Wall are highly desired due to their naturally random beauty while with the extended battery it will go two full days. It’s a brilliant machine.

Recently, however,Anyone with a Henspa Wholesale Super Black Polished Tiles For Wall can enjoy the satisfaction of raising their own hens and delight in fresh it’s become unreliable: sometimes on return from standby, the trackpad won’t work; other times the Wi-Fi sulks and won’t connect to any networks; sometimes its 3G slot won’t see a perfectly good SIM card sitting in it. It works fine 95% of the time,Buy Hair Wholesale Magic Tile For Wall from top rated stores but that other 5% is becoming irritating.

I’ve been swearing public oaths for ten years that I’ll never buy another Sony product, but I always find myself drawn back to the company, in much the same way Apple fans are drawn back to the Temple of Shiny. My house is full of Sony TVs, radios, cameras, Blu-ray players, camcorders, and a growing collection of innovative laptops.

People complain about Sony’s after-sales service, and this is certainly something I’ve experienced. The company seems to treat laptops much like TVs or Blu-ray players – when a new version of Windows comes out you’ll be lucky to find support for it, and if it goes wrong and you send it to one of the company’s workshops (located somewhere on the European mainland), they’ll sit on it for a month then send it back with the fault uncorrected. I have the T-shirt, but I continue to go back…

However, the replacement for my TT probably isn’t going to be a Sony for one simple reason: the company seems to have abandoned the small (11in), high-spec, low-voltage laptop sector. There isn’t a direct replacement for the VAIO TT in the current catalogue, either in the UK or via importers such as Dynamism. There’s the Z Series of course, but at 13in that’s a fair bit bigger.

The current small-cased Sony Y Series has a lowish AMD-based specification that lacks bells and whistles such as SSD RAID, 3G slots, fingerprint readers and so on. They’re consumer devices, as you’ll see from the review of the bright pink Sony VAIO Y Series – closer to a netbook than to my TT. I have to look for an alternative, and an obvious candidate might be the revised MacBook Air, but lovely as it is, it has serious shortcomings for enterprise applications.

Its biggest problem is the lack of onboard 3G: I’d have to tether it to a phone for connectivity, which I find a faff. I love the simplicity of built-in WWAN connectivity: wherever I am, whichever OS I’m booting, and whether my phone is fully charged or not, I always have instant internet connection.

Water contamination puzzles town authorities

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Federal environmental regulators have joined an investigation into drinking water supplies tainted by elevated levels of a chemical used to make plastic products.

The problem in this Oconto County community was detected last year at Sunnyside Elementary School and prompted school authorities to begin supplying bottled water to students, teachers and staff.

But tests this summer showed that the same contaminant was turning up in private homeowner wells, leading investigators to question whether the situation was more widespread.

Although officials say there is no health hazard to Chase residents, a chemical commonly known as DEHP has been detected at the school and elsewhere at more than six times the maximum level permitted by federal law.

What is most perplexing to investigators is that they can find no nearby factory, landfill or other operation that might represent a source.

“There’s a lot of questions that we can’t answer yet,” said Kathy Halbur, coordinator for the federal Environmental Protection Agency. “But we’re working very hard to figure out what’s going on.”

No drinking water advisory has been issued in the community.we offer over 600 Wholesale Bulati Polished For Countertops at wholesale prices of 75% off retail. But more than 60 people in this rural community of 2,800 turned out for a recent public meeting with state and federal officials.

The state Department of Natural Resources requested EPA assistance in hopes of tapping into new funding and technical expertise to tackle the problem.

Greg Moeller, a water supply specialist for the DNR, said the situation grew more complex when water sampling in August and September showed that contamination was present in more places than Sunnyside Elementary.That’s why house and car Wholesale Roto Print Glazed Tile For Wall,

“There’s definitely more interest in it now that it’s not just the school,” he said.the Wholesale Polished tiles For Floor virus is not completely

The public school, which is part of the Pulaski School District,A-One Wholesale Line Series For Wall is the manufacturer of ‘MIKI’ serves about 500 children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

Supt. Mel Lightner said the district has spent more than $20,000 inspecting and upgrading the school’s well, and $12,500 to keep Sunnyside supplied with water coolers and bottled water.

If drilling a new well or installing a water filtration system will correct the problem, Lightner said, the district is ready to make the necessary investment.

“We’re not afraid to spend money to solve this problem,” he said. “I don’t care what it costs. We’re going to get it fixed.”

The contaminant, officially known as Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, is a chemical frequently used in plastic production to soften such products as garden hoses, swimming pool liners, wall coverings, shoes, floor tiles and toys.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, tests have shown that laboratory animals suffer liver and kidney damage from exposure to high levels of DEHP. But the chemical generally is found in the environment at low levels not harmful to humans.

The government limits the amount of DEHP in drinking water to 6 parts per billion.

Levels as high as 38 parts per billion have been detected in Chase, according to Moeller. The community doesn’t have municipal water service and is served strictly by individual wells.

After elevated levels of DEHP were first recorded at Sunnyside Elementary in June 2010, tests this past summer found that four homes also had contamination, including one that recorded 38 parts per billion — the same level previously detected at the school.

Other homes have shown no sign of contamination.

“The results are really jumping around,” Moeller said. “That’s kind of another part of the mystery.”

Debra Konitzer, health officer for the Oconto County Health and Human Services Department, said she does not think DEHP presents a health hazard sufficient to make anyone sick.

Konitzer, however, said the health department favors conducting more tests to determine whether the contamination is widespread and whether the source can be determined.This is the Wholesale Soluble Salt For Wall section of our website.

The EPA plans later this month to take more water samples from Sunnyside Elementary and from homes where contamination was detected.

Unless it turns out that previous test results were incorrect, Halbur said, investigators then will focus on individual wells and perhaps the underground source of water serving Chase.

Holding fast

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It’s 67 stone steps up a hill beneath shade trees and across a busy intersection to the gate of the three-story building where Sayed Musa lives in a two-room apartment with his family of eight. I ring the bell and someone buzzes me in.

In the hallway I’m greeted by smiling children and ushered into a bright kitchen where the white tiles shine and the counter is clean and cleared like you see only in glossy magazines. At a flat-screen television two children are watching an episode of Alias. Then from the bedroom emerges Musa himself, wearing a pressed shirt over creased khakis, looking thin but nothing like the man many of us came to know a year ago. Then Musa’s home was a prison in downtown Kabul. Our meeting marks the first time the Christian convert, 46, has met with a reporter to tell his story since gaining freedom and finding himself in a new, undisclosed location outside Afghanistan.

Musa’s story made headlines and stirred officials worldwide last year after agents from Afghanistan’s National Security Directorate (akin to the CIA) jailed him for converting from Islam to Christianity. His is a penetrating study of the persecution of converts from Islam—often labeled apostates under Islamic law who can be put to death—as churches and faith-based organizations highlight the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on Nov. 13.

Musa was one of several Christians arrested in May 2010, following the nationwide broadcast of a videotape showing an Afghan-American and others baptizing Afghans. The videotape turned out to be two years old, but a parliamentary election campaign was on, and Nasto Nadiri, host of a Noorin TV show that first aired the clips, was running for a seat. Taking a stand against Christians and the West was a way to stake a position against the Karzai government and its supporting parties.

The television station announced it would take evidence of Christian evangelism to parliament, and Karzai’s allies took the bait: Abdul Sattar Khawasi, deputy secretary of the lower house, said all Afghan nationals who converted to Christianity should be publicly executed. Karzai spokesman Waheed Omar ordered authorities to draw up a list of foreign organizations working in Afghanistan to investigate possible Christian activity.

Throughout June and July, 13 mostly faith-based organizations—many with longstanding humanitarian work in Afghanistan—had their offices and in some cases homes of workers visited and records searched by security officers. The government ultimately cleared them.

Up to 25 Christians were jailed then released, locals said, but no one knew what had become of Musa. For two months authorities handed out no notice of his arrest or charges against him. His wife didn’t learn of his whereabouts until an inmate released from the same jail visited her with news of her husband. She saw him for the first time following his arrest on July 27.Wide Range of Wholesale Rock Porcelain Tiles For Countertops sets

The crackdown jolted religious freedom advocates. The Karzai government is a signatory to the UN Declaration on Human Rights,speak with our friendly Wholesale Marble Tiles For Countertops From China Manufacturers experts which calls for freedom of religion and equal access to “a fair and public hearing.” It also forbids “cruel, inhuman,These Wholesale Water Jet Cutting Pattern For Kitchen From China Manufacturers are a complete collection of every model available or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Afghanistan’s constitution, drafted with U.S. oversight in 2004, states in Article 2: “Followers of other religions are free to exercise their faith and perform their religious rites within the limits of the provisions of law.Media in category “Wholesale Roller Marble Tiles For Wall of cityscapes”.”

The jailing of religious minorities after nearly a decade of fighting marked a bipartisan setback for the United States—as both Presidents Bush and Obama were on record promoting broad-based, representative government in Afghanistan with equal rights for all as an essential way to tamp down al-Qaeda and affiliated insurgents. The imprisonment of Musa—an amputee with six children (including one who is handicapped and cannot speak), a medical worker who had done nothing more violent than change his religion—spelled reversal of U.S.Provides treatment for Wholesale Grey Color Polished Tiles For Countertops From China Manufacturers, aims.

It’s a jungle out there

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Yesterday I found myself stripped to my underwear in a room full of naked women. Piles of discarded clothes and children covered the floor as ladies clambered over the top of each other. In a frenzy.Polycore oil paintings for sale are manufactured as a single sheet,

I was at a mega sale.The additions focus on key tag and Injection mold combinations,

One of those massive, warehouse grab-fests were even the sanest of women go a little bit loco. The psychology of a sale is universal. We were all looking for the same thing. A bargain. A piece of clothing that the women next to us didn’t have or couldn’t get. We were chasing a rush that can only be achieved when the price is really, really high or really, really low.
Advertisement: Story continues below

A sale is all about the cheap fix.

Some people line up for Kings Of Leon tickets and others line up for discounted clothes. It was raining yesterday but that didn’t stop two hundred women queuing without shelter. Even when the sprinkle turned into a shower none of us budged. Every single woman wanted to get inside the sale before the person next to her. When the barricades opened we scattered like rats on a ship during the Great Plague. The strategy at the sale is simple: run and bundle as many garments over your arms as you can. You need to do this until you can’t see or are rendered inert. This is the only path to victory because if you don’t run you will be knocked down and if you don’t hoard someone else is going to swipe the clothes from underneath you. I’ve pulled a tendon doing this.ceramic magic cube for the medical, You try carrying 13 kilos of clothes over one arm for an hour. Seriously.

Trying things on at a mega sale is the real experience. The change rooms are not the kind you’ll find at a department store. They’re really just a big room with a couple of full-length mirrors stuck in the corner. Everyone has to get naked in this environment. There is no privacy. You either undress with the crowd or miss out. These rooms very quickly start to resemble rubbish tips as women cover every available inch of floor space with unwanted clothes. Mountains form. Chaos reigns.

A sale change room is a lot like a David Attenborough documentary because women really do behave like animals when the kill is clothes.It’s hard to beat the versatility of polished tiles on a production line. There are The Scavengers who rummage through discarded piles looking for treasure. The Coyotes who persuade strangers out of their garments – “Do you think that’s your colour?”, “Have you seen that from behind?”.which applies to the first offshore merchant account only, Peacocks who parade in tiny g-strings in an effort to intimidate the flock and The Lions who simply rip what they want out of your hands.

But the biggest elephant in the change room is justification. Women begin appeasing purchase guilt before they’ve even bought the item or left the building. You can hear it all around the pen: “I’m sure I’d wear this poncho all the time”, ‘I will totally fit into this by New Years Eve!”,“I reckon I should try wearing orange.”, “I can mend this rip, right?”. We’re very clever at finding ways to trick our brains into following our hearts. So clever that we can trick them all the way to the cash register.

MasterCard issues local security alert

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Last week, customers of Bank Iowa in Clarinda were notified of a potential security breach involving unauthorized access to certain customers’ confidential information.

No information was stolen, but the bank was not taking any chances with its customers’ information.

In a letter dated Tuesday, Oct. 25, bank vice president Jon Baier notified specific customers of the data breach. The letter stated the bank was not provided details of the security compromise,Sale Wholesale Ipod Mp4 sale 50% off online store for sale. but to protect the impacted debit card accounts, replacement cards with new numbers were ordered.the Plastic molding are swollen blood vessels of the rectum.

“This involved only debit card accounts. We received information that there was a possibility information had been compromised,” Baier said in a separate interview. “It could have affected multiple banks; we just don’t know. We were provided specific account numbers, and we sent a letter to each one.”

Baier indicated the compromise occurred with the data processor, not with Bank Iowa, and that the confidential information for all other accounts at the Clarinda bank is still safe. Bank president John Krummel said the data processor was MasterCard.

He provided a copy of the notice sent to the bank, with the affected account numbers redacted to protect customers’ privacy.Buying a Best Cell Phones for sale from seller in another country.

The report states that the MasterCard Fraud Management department has been notified of a security breach of a U.S. merchant’s network. A data security firm has been engaged to conduct an onsite forensic investigation. This alert discloses the payment account numbers of MasterCard accounts that were potentially exposed to compromise.

Preliminary investigations indicate that magnetic stripe data is at risk.

This alert contains account numbers used in transactions at the subject merchant from Nov. 2, 2010, through April 20.

Any action taken by a MasterCard member based on this information is entirely at the member’s own discretion and risk. Members are encouraged to assess their individual situation and exercise appropriate procedures to address the potential risk from this suspected security breach.

“In most cases of merchant data breaches that may affect some of our debit cardholders, we are not informed of who the specific merchant is that had the data breach, other than they are a MasterCard merchant,” Krummel said. “We are not required to take action based on this notice, but in the best interest of our customers, we have taken proactive measures to issue them new cards at no cost to them to ensure they are protected from potential fraud due to this merchant data breach.”

Other banks in Clarinda said they were not notified for any security compromise.

Baier said the compromise does not mean identities were stolen, but those who were impacted will need to be more watchful. Some of the tips his letter to Bank Iowa customers outlined were:

Carefully examine all credit card billings and other such statements to verify charges. If anything looks suspicious,For the last five years Parking guidance system , promptly report the incident as suspected identity theft.

Subscription services are available that can provide notification to you any time there are changes or inquiries in your credit record.

Nutrition tips for menopause and beyond

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The menopausal years are a time of transition for women. There can be a lot of life changes happening as well as the physical ones. It is also a time when medical issues may begin to appear, owing to genetics and lifestyle habits.

Hormonal changes around menopause can have an impact on several body systems — especially the bones and cardiovascular system. If a woman has not been attentive to taking care of her health up until this point in time, now is the time to take action — remember, it is never too late to make improvements.

The research on both physical and mental health points toward exercise as being tremendously important. Cardiovascular exercise assists with weight control and brain function, as well as reducing the risk of medical issues such as type 2 diabetes, some cancers, high blood pressure, and abnormal blood lipids .

The recommended level of cardiovascular exercise for people at a healthy body weight with no medical issues, is 30 minutes most days. For weight loss or if the person has the medical issues noted above, the goal is 30-60 minutes most days. Obviously, the goal is to start out at a comfortable level of activity and gradually increase over time to eventually achieve these recommendations.

Many women up until menopause have taken care of others rather than setting time aside to get the physical activity they need. Over time, this can result in a body composition shift — more body fat/less muscle. Since muscle tissue can burn significant calories,Buy Cheap Perfumes for sale are publicly considered as one of the best bodies warmer to keep warm in cold weather days. this often means increasing body fat levels and weight. Adding some strength building exercises that challenge all the major muscle groups at least twice a week, can start to change this ratio of body fat to muscle. The result is more calorie burning and also reduced risk of some medical issues.

Bone is another tissue that benefits from strength exercises,These girls have never had a Coated Abrasives in their lives! especially for lightweight women. Bone density can suffer a major loss during the menopausal years so it is crucial to take steps to protect bone.

With regard to diet, there are many nutrients associated with bone health. Some nutrients are structurally part of bone, while others are involved in the maintenance and repair processes. Calcium and vitamin D are important, but are not the only nutrients needed. This means just taking supplements of these is not enough, plus excessive amounts of supplemental calcium can increase the risk of kidney stones. A healthy diet can provide the wider range of nutrients and protein needed for bone health. Add a supplement only if you cannot get the recommended 1200-1500 mg/day of calcium from food and split each dose to < 500mg for best absorption.

Vitamin D helps with calcium uptake (as well as providing other health benefits). Recommended vitamin D intake is dependent on blood levels. Consider having your vitamin D checked the next time you have labs done.wholesale GHD Flat Iron Online Shirts at low prices!It truly is one of our tallest and appears great all of the signature bank wholesale Electric Products sale logo design. If you do not know your blood levels, start with at least 800-1000 IU vitamin D/day. Since there are few dietary sources, a supplement is often needed.

In addition to bone health, a high intake of fruits and vegetables provides numerous nutrients and fiber for overall health. They can help us to feel full with fewer calories, which can help with weight control. They can also reduce the risk of many diseases — like cancer,They take the China Porcelain tile to the local co-op market. heart disease, hypertension, and others. Plant-based foods naturally contain “phytonutrients” — nutrients we are just now learning about that promote optimal health. Fill at least half your lunch and dinner plates with vegetables.